Ren Xiang Problem

I have an ak 74 mn from ren xiang, I bought him a spring to change it quickly, I did not expect to take a lot of time on it, my surprise was great, when I suddenly saw that the rear part of the gearbox is not open with the change plug spring, I decided not to open the gearbox since it is the first one that I have opened that is not a gen8, another surprise happened when I started to assemble the gun again… the shooter that simulates the blowback, when inserted as if it had to be forced and not I came to know why, I went directly to youtube to low guido, but I didn’t find anything or from any other youtuber, right now I’m a little desperate, it’s probably nonsense, but I’m overwhelmed

Been a while since I pulled an RX AKM down.

I completely removed the blowback components on mine, I was concerned the stress put on everything by the heavy weight banging around would damage something. Looks and feels cool but lots of RX owners took that big slug of metal out of them.

There may be some useful info for you in this TacEdge video.


Thank you very much, mate, you have helped me a lot, believe me, I have already made it work :drooling_face:, I am very, very grateful, friend, thank you!!

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