Replacement gearbox for aps phantom extremis mk1?

HI there,

I have an aps extremis mk1 and am having no end of problems with the gearbox… Ive been fixing and servicing my own boxes for about 2 years now and this one has me at the edge of ‘throw it against the wall’.

I can’t seem to find a direct replacement anywhere… are there any drop in options that retain the use of my ambi controls?


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You’ll have to wait for someone to tag in who’s a bit more knowledgable on AEGs to be 100% sure (@Bigmuthadrums for instance) but I believe that any V2 gearbox should drop in without a problem, including ambi controls, providing your T-Piece is correct.

I do know for sure that the Aztech Scythe gearboxes fit in APS shells. Including ambi selector assemblies.


I believe the Aztech Scythe box is a direct aps replacement, not sure of the ambi controls though. APS is pretty much the only blaster I have never had much experience with, had one that was a simple install new complete gearbox after cracking, and another that was wiring problems. Others will have more experience in APS lands.
What is going on with the gearbox that is slated for launching at the wall?


No there is not unless you live in the US. Aus retailers don’t stock the APS V2 anymore, maybe try some parts bins wherever they are located is my best guess.

The APS V2 ambi function I threw that jallopy in the bin.

Any V2 gearbox will fit, ambi selectors, I’ve never cared for them tbh but they are out there, they will be V2 airsoft type with the ratchet.


got lucky… a custom blaster shop in annerley had a box available for a fair price :smiley: