Resistor on gen8 mag

Im sobering a resistor into my wiring in my gen 8 m4a1 mag and wanna know does it matter which wire i soder the resistor to positive or negative?

Resistor or diode?

Gotta ask why you need one for anyrate ?:thinking:

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My mag keeps feeding to fast and to many gels and it keeps plugging my barrel i was told if i put a resistor in my mag it would keep it from feeding to much and not so fast

(I’m sobering)
Now see that’s your problem
Try doing it drunk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol i see what you meant obvouisly i meant sodering

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If your barrel’s plugging up it may not be your mag motor… more likely the gels you’re putting through it. Which ones are you using? If they’re hard gels and a bit on the big side that would be why you’re jamming up, especially if your FPS is low. :thinking:

Gotta admit, I’ve never heard of a Gen 8 mag that fed too quickly… or of anyone soldering in a resistor to slow one down. Usually it’s the other way around, people chase a faster motor for them to keep up with high ROF /DSG builds. :man_shrugging:

I would also lean towards leaving the wiring as it is and focusing more on the type of gels that you are using.

About 90% of Gelblaster issues can be traced back to the gels being the culprit in most cases.

Early blasters such as the Gen8 were designed to use normal 7-8mm gels, which is a rather incorrect statement given that they have 7.5mm inner barrels!

Using ultra hard gels in these can cause many different feeding problems in both the mag and the t-piece, because these hardened gels often only fully grow to around 7-7.3mm, and sometimes even smaller.

These are too small and can cause two or three gels to squeeze into the mag feed wheels, or the same inside the t-piece, causing blockages and broken gels.

I suggest experimenting with a few different brands/types of gels first, and see which ones your Gen8 likes the most :+1:

If there’s still any problems, then can look into it deeper from there.

Definitely… I’d run some old school medium hard gels through it to see if it runs right on those.

I’ve found X-Force’s pink gels a pretty decent substitute for milky whites, a little harder but not so hard they cause barrel jams and when developed pretty close in size.