Semi is locking after a few shots. Brand new sr16

My SR16 was not working properly. After a few shot, it will locked and you need to switch to full auto to unlock the Semi.
My thoughts is maybe the gunsmith didn’t put back the parts properly after rewiring the gearbox

It’s not an uncommon issue, and one I don’t think was very easy to remedy, it has to do with the cut off lever not resetting properly from memory.

Like the lever jams and holds the trigger trolley just on the edge of the trigger causing it to slip l, but when switch to auto it resets the lever and releases the trolley properly.

I honestly haven’t delved into trying to fix it on mine as it only happens once a game maybe and I just cycle it and it comes good.

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Take it back to whoever did the work.

Likely hasn’t installed the cut off lever correctly.

Can be a problem when you run 11.1v battery on a blaster built for 7.4v. Same with double feed on semi

Semi auto lockout is not too common on v2 gearboxes, more common on v3. But can happen to any gearbox.
It is basically the gears and cut off lever stopping at the point where the lever has clicked the trigger trolley off the trigger, but hasn’t lowered to allow the trigger to picked it up again.
Easiest fix is to change the spring, or motor, so the drive train has slightly more or less resistance.
Can also do multitude of other fixes and remedies, but that is the easiest.