Site spectre gel blaster disassemly

Recently got this gel blaster. Any tips on disassembly? Much appreciated

What is up the pistol grip. Need moar pics.

The rear reciever looks like button detent squeeze that in might get your main spring out. :person_shrugging:

Could be some similarities to the actual :person_shrugging:

You could could always take the Low Guido approach… just start undoing screws and pushing out pins until something gives. Should be self evident. :man_shrugging:

Take lots of photos along the way in case you forget which way things go back together… but generally if you’re half mechanically minded and know one end of a screwdriver from the other most blasters don’t really offer much of a challenge.

It’s called the “no guts, no glory” method of disassembly. :wink:

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