Snowball Gelballs - X-Force

X-Force Tactical would like to present you guys with our latest gels. Late last year we began our mission to look for some new gels to bring to the market and since a lot of people were saying a good solid white gel was needed we found the gel then came the name and artwork. For which we turned to one of our customers and local cartoonist Nygel Manser …Who came up with the awesome looking packaging and as you can see from the pics let us to this. Now These are solid white gel which is great for those night games or when you really want to see your hits. They are super hard and excellent consistency. Great for those HPA builds and a variety of blasters.

OK. Purchased a packet yesterday while shopping for pic rails (that I already had but put in the wrong container - doh)

Brewed in tap water for 4 hours, drained and graded through 7.35 sieve. Most of the packet dropped through the sieve, The sample measured between 7.21 and 7.35 - with a caveat on the usual measuring accuracy of Bunnings digital callipers measuring a slippery little white sphere)

Ran them through a range of GBB pistols (AA1911, WE 2011 4.3, DB Glock) and they performed on par with Elites over 12m, although there were a few shattered gels. Accuracy was best in AA1911 with 5.1 barrel

Put about 6 mags through the ACR (metal gears, 11.1v, 1,28 Ausgel, rizer) and range was about the same -35m- as elites but accuracy was less with more gels curving away.

Probably need to try a 7.3mm barrel to see if they might be undersized for a 7.5mm


Sounds like they definitely need testing through a 7.3 barrel going by those growth sizes :thinking:

Update - Snowballs ran smoothly through a 7.3mmm barrel. No jams in several mags. Accuracy at 30m on semi is as good as elites. Auto wasn’t that good with a few fliers in every 5-6 round burst

Might put some back in water tomorrow and see if they change size. Noticed that they shrink very quickly if left in open container


Awesome insight. Would you say they are more a alternative white pearl than an ultra hard? or and ultra hard that is white?

Sorry - haven’t used white pearls to be able to determine the difference

Re-installed 7.5mm barrel and ran some chrono tests comparing Snowballs to AKAs (Tenacity black packet)

Results from AKA

Results from Snowballs

Both running around 340/350fps

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I did a 3 hour grow, worked well with my MP5’s (one stock nozzle / barrel 7.5 250fps) (one hpa with stock barrel 7.5 300 fps) didnt like my 330 fps HK416 with apache though… just scredded them barrel is stainless 7.3m.
Overall a little softer than most of the “hard” gells but still quite solid, i do like the consistency they grew at and the fact they are milky is nice for tracing shots.

edit. apache issues could be nozzle / apahe itself broken as it did stop funcutioning shortly thereafter. putting a new one in this week and testing again on wed.

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Tested today with 4 day old gels in Cyma @290fps with 7.5mm short barrel, short AKA hopup (has 100 percent cylinder so it has high v/e). Ran great. No smashed gels and reasonable accuracy. It appears that they could perform better as they dry out.


Any idea how these gels compare to gladiators and/or with hpa? So far, the most consistency and accuracy i have has been acheived with the gladiators but i do like the idea of a white gel for visibility.

Sorry - no idea. Haven’t used gladiators since the revolver debacle

Two weeks old and they won’t be strong enough to stop being crushed by a mag spring

Worked fine in hpa today 1 week old. I did stick them back in water for an hr before session today. With abit of effort I could crush them but held up with no splits.

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