Someone take this project off my hands

A long time ago on the old forum, i acquired bbc’s collection of stuff as he exited the hobby in general. Amongst it were some unique projects that i intended to finish off, but after a couple of years have hardly even looked at.

This was the last creative work bbc started, the vss. I’m looking to send this off to someone keen to finish up the project- tidy up the rough edges and if really looking for authenticity making the short mags.

I’ll cover shipping it, I’m just wanting it to go to an enthusiast rather than someone chasing a freebie.


Would look good on my wall😎

thats a beauty, shame he’s not making things like this anymore he had such a knack for it aye

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dibs, id be down to take it off your hands mate, assuming its still available.

I agree that @Bigmuthadrums would be a great candidate to finish off what the Big Blavck Covck started :ok_hand::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


I was going to suggest maybe i could shove a hpa engine in it but then wouldnt have a clue how to feed it air n that stock looks purdy

Thanks for the interest all, it’s headed off at the end of the week. Hopefully we’ll see some forum updates on it in the future all completed.