Split gearbox for kythera Engine

Anyone know if this would be a decent idea?
I kinda dont wanna shill the money if its not goijg to work

Great question!
I would be wary that they are designed to fit inside any standard gearbox, possibly because they rely upon the whole half shell design to hold everything in place?

But then again…… a split gearbox is designed to do the exact same thing with an AEG!

I had a few different model/brand/type split gearboxes and can’t really see any reason why the Kythera couldn’t be used in them :thinking:

Hang the time & expense…… if that’s what you want to do, go for it :+1:

well i had to chop up my gearbox to be able to feed the tube through the back and be able to have the uh hpa stock on as well so im unsure if it will really work

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Fair point mate…… you certainly know much better than my sorry banned arse as to what you can seen working or not :thinking:

Make sure you give it a crack regardless and let us all know what witchcraft you used to make it happen :flushed::+1:

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See i feel the split nature would be good for not needing to chop up a gearbox to feed the tube correctly into the stock adaptor but im unsure how well it woupd be for havjng the stock adatpro as it needs washers and too many means it cant have the gearbox in at the angke it needs to be

Are you okay!
R/ihadastroke :thinking::joy:

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no im not okay headbutting a wall if what i feel like doing

Sorry to hear that :confused:
Been there myself many a time…. but always get there in the end :+1:

It’s not a kythera but I’ve got my Jack in a split aztech gearbox. It’s only been abit over a month and haven’t had any issues.

Servicing the engine is simple as removing the upper receiver, removing the 2 pins and top split from gearbox can removed.

Only just saw this one.
I have my Kythera in a split LDX expert box.
Works a charm, No issues other than being a little fiddly when putting together (but thats due to how and where i positioned my magazine switch).

I dont run my Hose out the back though, i run it down the grip. but i dont see an issue with it running out the back.

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