Sweetheart hop up , breakage

Hi , one one notice the orange tip , sweet heart, top end of tongue breaks off , and heard to purchase at the moment.

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G’day Clyde, I’ve never gotten around to using the sweetheart hop ups. I figure you must be talking about the adjustable one, because I have heard quite awhile back that some guys had this same issue.
I have tried a few different brands, but mostly I use RIZER alloy and polymer with double adjustment feature. Top and bottom. They seem to do most applications for me.
Here are a couple of pictures of the type fitted to my now sold Steyr AUG. You can see the adjustment grub screws and the top plate and the lower plate in either of these pictures.


The RIZER’s were always my favourite :+1:
Solid design, good materials and plenty of adjustment for the best results of any other brand hops.
They still fit under 90% of stock and aftermarket muzzle breaks/flash hider’s as well :white_check_mark:

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