Tac edge gen 8 m4 is a v2

So was looking at the tac edge gen 8 when i noticed it said it had semi and full auto aswell , now this is interesting because the gen 8’s where always full auto but upon compairing to x-force its the v2 model.

Only spotted this because i saw the gen 8 for 99 on sale and debated if that was worth the cost over a diffrent one because i remebered it always being the full auto one. and not the new v2 one

There is an updated Gen8(.5) that has semi and full auto, got one from Ausgel when they were $75, turning it into an ADAR.

One of these?

It depends on how we define gen 8 and v2 . To me, it’s still a gel 8 but updated. These kind of new gen 8(and gen 8 variant) are very popular in south east Asia. Most of the blasters from TG comes with a “gen 8 variant” gearbox with a motor cage and t-piece partially inside the gearbox, clampshell external etc.

The latest TG G36c is shooting 270+fps around 8.5rps out of the box with a “gen 8 variant” gearbox, far better than the traditional gen 8 gearbox, more or less fix all air leakage issue that would be found in the JM gen 8.

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They are a gen8 gearbox, instead of a microswitch for a trigger they have a v2 gearbox trigger system. Usually have mag prime and a 480 motor too. I say usually, every company has sold a version and called it different stuff.

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It’s a bit misleading calling it a V2.

Gen 8.5 makes more sense to me. Same clamshell receiver with bayonet style buffer tube and handguard setup. The only difference is the material and select fire option.

Anyone know if the CTR buttstock is nylon or did they retain the ABS version? :man_shrugging:

Not bad if, like me, you’re into collecting the old school originals and don’t mind removing a dozen screws to access the gearbox. If you have to have a JM Gen8 in the collection, it might as well be full nylon construction. :wink:

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I’ve since put the proper triangle and rear sights, gotta paint the handguard and stock and cut the barrel down to size too.


If it’s the one I had gotten, the JM 8.5, than I want to say it’s nylon, they don’t have that sheen or “tinny” sound of ABS.