Tac gear for hefty folk

So, as another member mentioned in another thread, there’s not a great amount of tactical gear out there for those of us with a wider waistline. But, I’ve come across a few good things recently, especially, that work really well.

I’ve mostly been buying from one supplier, because their stuff is actually decent quality, and what they say it is, so excuse me if I stan them for a moment. This is stuff that’s viable up to a 125-130cm waistline.

Plate Carrier:
Cyre Precision CPC replica by Idogear, with a set of FS Tactical QR buckles.

Why it works: The back of the plate carrier is tied together with shock cord instead of paracord or velcro, giving the vest some serious wiggle room on the size of it. Stitching is strong as hell, and doesn’t seem strained when worn. The QR buckles add an extra 5cm or so to the outer cummerbund while still allowing it to be fully fastened together. The only downside is you probably won’t be able to use the cummerbund internal magazine/radio pouches, but they do still work for holding a deadrag. Also has removable padded inserts inside it for comfort. You could remove those for an extra cm or so of space, too.

Honourable Mention:

Condor Modular Operator Plate Carrier replicas

HUUUUUUUUGE waistlines, with reports of even hefty guys saying ‘haha wow this is a little too big for me’. Good MOLLE coverage and a sizeable admin pouch where most PCs have kangaroo pouches. Only downside is I can’t vouch for the build quality/materials and it’s not nearly as padded as the CPC.


Why it works: Super strong material and stitching, 120cm is a teensy bit of an underestimate, and it’s a bit larger for the inner belt. Outer belt is quite a bit longer than 120cm and can be used to corset your waist a bit, so you can fasten the inner belt properly. Molle holds basically everything securely.

The hard rubber mid-ride version of this

Why it works: It has an elastic strap to secure it to your thigh, so it can handle a bit more girth than a canvas one. Also the drop system is hard rubber and as a result the holster won’t end up on the underside of your arse after sprinting for a few metres. Works with all Ammomax holsters.


Awesome! Very helpful thread considering the challenging nature of finding decent gear let alone appropriate size gear. :smile:


Been looking for a decent set of H pattern suspenders. Most are either X pattern that I find uncomfortable or have large shoulder pads that are too thick to the comfortably run a plate carrier or have joiner that digs into the neck

Like thus style but haven’t found them in tan or cyote

Found that by having battle belt with suspenders, I can make a choice between carrier or chest rig depending on the mags and blaster. (Plate carrier is set up for 7.62 / AK sized mag pouches)


I’ll just drop this here Chest Rigs + Platforms + Carriers (platatac.com)

Awesome shop, some of the products are even Australian made. Ripleys believe it or not. Might find what suits your needs.

I know their Camelbacks, beanies, pouches, and jumpers are friggin awesome. I need cold bearing clothing for work and can’t find anywhere as good. They have single 40mm molle pouches, mag pouches to dress out your rig all sorts along with a lot of NSN gear.


Do you run a plate in your plate carrier? They generally don’t work well at all spilling gear forward, besides running faux plastic plates they are not available in Oz. Chest rigs are where it’s at. I use my Alice H harness, belt setup works well. Was my Uncle ex Nam loadout. Or I use a molle jacket/vest.

Plate carriers are designed to work with plates in them. Ok for war when you get issued one but overkill on a gelball field. Funny seeing them flop around and stuff LOL Oh well guess they wanna be toy soldier without the bit it’s built for.

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The Crye one I linked comes with dummy plates in them, because you are dead right. They need the rigidity.

There’s semi rigid thick foam plates available in addition to the plastic rigid ones. I prefer the softer ones tbh, they conform to your body better and you have a chance of feeling any hits more easily.

My plate carrier came with some dense cell foam plates. I’ve since turned it into a semi chest rig by removing the rear section and replacing it with straps (cable ties are great for retaining clip style buckles that don’t exactly fit).

What I use depends on style of game, temperature, blaster and field limit. Set up is predicated on the fact that there is already a sufficient target at the front, so gear and mags get added to the side. Set-up has been built from various bits bought on the cheap from Ali.

Set up can be selected from

  • battle belt with suspenders, pistol holster on mid drop and with quick change attachment, two pistol mags, speed loader pouch and dump pouch. Can add mag pouches or utility pouches if that’s all I’m going to use
  • Suspenders - simple x-pattern straps when belt is used with plate carrier / chest rig. Suspenders with shoulder straps and open weave rear panel when not using chest rig and running more mags on the belt. Suspenders with molle shoulder straps when only using belt and need spots for radio, etc
  • Converted cheap plate carrier to chest rig with 4 x 7.62 mag pouches mounted to the side (can piggy back additional pouches to front of these), utility pouch in the middle (good for mags in “green room”), fold out molle panel at top to hold additional utility pouch, molle shoulder straps for radio pouch, leatherman, etc
  • Simple speedy boy style molle chest panel that I use with M4 mags for a lightweight CQB setup (unless someone is running a high fps blaster when the full chest rig gets deployed so I don’t look like I have the pox)

Taken a bit of fooling around to get something that I’m nearly happy with. Pity can’t say the same for the knee and back

I’m not personally a hefty person but for everyone unless your full on into rôle playing don’t wear nbc suits and gas masks as face protection especially the full rubber nbc suits there just bags of sweat

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