Taidi Opening a New Field (R.I.P)

Finally some events that will require skill instead of running and gunning


Good use for the old mushroom farm


I hope that they will do well and keep the demand for this hobby growing strong :+1:


Did anyone play yesterday? Interested in some feedback

Sad news about Taidi. Another on bites the dust

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I am surprised there hasn’t been more talk about this. I am listening in on some of what I assume are the bigger discord servers, not to mention Tractor’s. This is one of the biggest suppliers of milsim oriented events effectively throwing in the towel. They just can’t catch a break!

They had the foresight to identify the potential for the “Eden facility” as a gel blasting venue. From the outside it looks like a third party gel blasting venue has effectively sabotaged Taidi’s “incursion” pilot event and then trumped their arrangement to offer a more attractive lease to the landlord so that its no longer available to Taidi. I hope that proves not to be the case, but if it is, it’s a sad state of affairs on a few different levels.

In their announcement, Taidi didn’t mention what all this means for their delivering the SLR conversions. I’m hoping for the best.

Hopefully once things settle, they can deliver on the SLR and their promise to support future milsim event coordinators to get the scene back on track! I hope we as a “scene” can offer an industry so event coordinators feel that its viable and worth their efforts!

Sad days indeed.


They certainly haven’t been able to catch a break and to be allegedly sabotaged by competitor sucks, particularly after Travis had put in the effort to identify a gelball venue that could support multiple game formats. Just waiting until the events are clearer.