The asylum : gelsoft field

Keen to hear from others that attended the Asylum field day, namely the second event.

I went to the inital session, and whilst on paper it sounded great, in the end gameplay was very unbalanced (high ground vs low ground) and far to many people on the field considering the venue size (was 100 vs 100), thats why i left early.

I sent an email with constructive critisism following and got a response, noting the would run the field sideways not top to bottom. But nothing on player numbers.

I was busy the weekend of the second event, if you did attend how was it?

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I haven’t seen much feedback about the second event unfortunately. I know they received a fair bit of feedback from the first event and made a lot of changes but it wasn’t a sell out.

How was the first event? was it slow starting I used to goto there tambo events at the tank ride place but it turned into you spent more time sitting around waiting for everyone to get organised.

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Yeah i sent my feedback a few days later after the event, i had not been to a game in 3-4 months and was quite excited based on the marketing, and i left about 1/2-3/4 of the way through the day i was that disappointed. I was not the only one i noticed.

They did start on time and i thought the refs did ok, and i agree that was my issue with the final tambo event half the time i was just cooking in the sun.

I will explain my issues. A bit of a read sorry.

Hard to explain in text but the school is situated on a decent hill, and they had the teams at bottom and top. And really the team that had the high ground had the game in the bag.

The teams alpha to delta, 50 people each. They rotated combined teams, alpha /bravo vs charlie delta etc. So was 100 vs 100, but the avilable cover and space was not adequate. Literally dodging teammates as much as gels.

They had team medics that caused reverse spawn camping, save going back to main spawn point just walk to medic, who was at the thick of it.

Building where not overly utilsied, again maybe to many people as once a team had it, was hard to take. Also only two buildings came into play.

The response i got back was they would run the field across and do dead man rags, which would fix some issues. But yeah was hoping someone here would be able to comment. I reckon i will go to next one, hopefully run a bit better and more fair gameplay.

I reckon it would be great 25 a side, a bit of strategy then. But i am sure 50 people probably wouldnt cover the cost to run it.

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I’m keen for the next event I just need to find something for my son to use once his hpa tank empties.

Hopefully the next event all the issues will ironed out. What’s it like for shelter in safe zone or do you recommend bringing gazebo and chairs.


Plenty of shade, but was packed in tight with others. I dont recall seeing seating, so bring chairs. A majority of people where outside under shade sails, but there was a building which the early birds aquired.


@Grubfac3 not sure if you’ve seen this. The guy said they made a few changes for the better since first event.