This any good?

I had one of those in my MP5. They do the job better than a double bell internal hop, but worse than a riser or DB external.

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Should I get the Riser instead?

If you can get enough space for a riser, and are fine with it visually then 100% yes, they are the best option.

If you want a lower profile one, get a short AKA hop. If you want milsim looks, get a double bell external birdcage style hop.

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I’m kinda short on space I’m not sure if the riser will fit, should I get the one I posted about

Is this it

Look into the double bell one first, it doesn’t need any additional space, and just uses your 14mm thread.

If you don’t like that, then yeah the original one you asked about is your best choice.

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I have a x tac force barrel I’m not sure if it had thread. Can you send me a good link to order in the US

I’m fairly sure it will fit. But, poke them on Facebook to make sure.

Here it is on their Aussie site. It should export and import without a problem.


Ok, i live in the North America, I can’t find anywhere to order the double bell, Since I cant find the double one should I get the rizer/riser one or the original one I asked about? Which ones better?

Please keep closely related posts in one thread.

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