Thoughts on APS MK5/Boar m4/F1 UDR

Seeing if anyone has any experience with those 3 blasters!



As an Australian…… have absolutely no idea what those blasters are, but will try doing a bit of searching to try and figure out if they are actually decent quality or not.


I can honestly say that these are legit good quality blasters.

Don’t hesitate to buy if you are keen, because these models are definitely not cheap and dodgy low quality models :+1:

Azraels and Tac edge sell them, I haven’t had any experience with those models but anything APS has been good to me in the past.

Besides the silveredge gearbox cracking problem but that was few years ago reported by many people and I believe has been rectified. Must have if they still sell that SE gearbox today. My early silveredges are still going FWIW.

I wouldn’t hesitate in buying one :+1:


I have a phantom extremis mk5 or mk8, cant recall… anyway, quality bit of kit for the price. Go for it.