Understanding what fits together when making your first blaster

Hey everyone.

After asking a lot of questions about gel Blasters in April I’ve become a little obsessed and bought my second quality blaster in a month and now I want to build one. I probably have no idea what I’m doing but I started out but making a list of things I want/need for the blaster and I hoped someone tech savvy could tell me if my list can become a functional blaster and if I’m missing some stuff. It’s my understanding that I can use some parts from Airsoft but I’m not sure.

Gearbox and motor:
#GT CNC 6061 3.0 v2 gearbox support 35rps with brushless motor for gel ball blaster



Inner barrel:
Stainless Steel EP Electro Polished Inner Barrel

Outer barrel:
Gel Blaster Outer Barrel reverse threaded

MadBull - Precision Reflex PRI GIII Delta 7


Still haven’t decided on the:
T- piece
Receiver part
Spring retainer

Also need a stock, otherwise you’ll need to figure out wiring for battery placement.

T-piece is dependent on what nozzle the gearbox uses too, they’re not all the same shape or length. Usually the gearbox will come with one.

If you’re using that segmented outer barrel than you’ll need a barrel/t-piece adapter too.

That pistol grip is for GBB so won’t work cause they’re completely different attachments, look for ones with “motor grip”.

And keep in mind skeletonized receivers welcome any and all dirt and debris into the blaster if you’re going to use it for outdoors.

Don’t need a spring retainer, getting will have that.

Trigger may or may not work, some gearboxes are finicky with that stuff, SLR ones are an example.

What’s “receiver part” too?

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I meant bolt receiver and other part for it, since those aren’t included as far as I see.

So would this work

And I know the problem with dirt in the receiver, but i simply can’t find another receiver in metal that isn’t going to ruin me. Any recommendations?

Yeah that grip should work :+1:

Annoyingly they don’t state what parts you get with the receiver but you will at least get the pins, it should come with the fire selector and bolt release too, probably not the charging handle thou.

Unless you really bash around your blaster nylon receivers are perfectly fine too.
Quite often full metal blasters will weigh more than their real steel counterparts.

Do you mean ruin as in physically carrying it or financially?

Oh and you’ll probably need a mag release.

I meant financially. Most I can find € 300+ (490 Australian $) but I’ll try looking for a nylon one.
I’ll look for a mag realise as well.

Thanks for all the help

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Depending on where you are, only buy from evike if you live in the country they are. Have seen a few UK people buying from evike, and they will send broken or poorly packaged stuff that gets damaged, and you won’t pay the return freight to swap it. Try to buy local or if you can wait for Asian suppliers will usually be cheaper. It is all buyer beware but weigh up the risks to you of course. Also some won’t ship to various countries outside of their own.

Now the fun.
My tips for building from scratch for the beginner:
Hear me out…
It is usually cheaper and easier to get a base blaster and customise it to your taste. Even more so if you don’t know or have reliable source saying what parts fit well. There are no real standards and specs for this, sometimes things just don’t line up. Be prepared to have a couple of parts spare that you had to buy twice because of that.

If you get a base blaster, and fully customise it, you then have alot of the parts to build another one left over, then a build is from the basis that “just need this part then can turn all these spares into a blaster”.

Of the 19 M4s I have, 12 are scratch builds. And I can’t include the ones I have sold as I nearly can’t remember them all. Scratch builds are fine for me as I have loads of parts, and experience with things that work and don’t, there is also countless parts that I don’t know. The builds that had a base blaster are by far the easiest and least potentially problematic. Also the cheapest if you have to buy everything. Alot of my stuff for the scratch builds is leftover parts from things that didn’t work on another build, cheap sale items, and parts from a base blaster that was modified… junkyard/boneyard builds.

The main point is, while I love building from scratch, it doesn’t always go to plan, you end up with a few spare parts, and you usually have to modify a few parts to make things work and line up correctly.

In no way am I discouraging you from having a go, I know some people give up and it ends up on my bench to get it working, and my kinks include making things work, and getting broken and cheap stuff and making it work, it really depends on how you view the hobby. Some people just want to play with their stuff but don’t tinker. Some mostly play and tinker to save money, both, and people like me who play occaisonally but mostly tinker. It all depends on how much effort you want to go to.

Start small and easy, customise and upgrade existing blasters in your collection, and work to a scratch build once you have most of a blaster in spare parts is my recommendation.
Fear not though, as everyone here will offer help and advice for your journey :slight_smile:


Totally get your points but my 3d printer broke down and i need something nerdy to do over the summer, so thought this would be fun to try out, and I’m not saying the project isn’t intimidating but that’s also kind of fun and why I’m asking before getting deeper into it. I live in Denmark and there are no real ruling on gel blasters here yet, so me and some friends are still allowed to play pretty much anywhere as long as we’re not disturbing the peace. In Denmark environmental thinking is something that been in focus forever and the idea of shooting with something that doesn’t take years to break down really appeals to us, so it’s kind of the perfect summer hobby here. I took both of your advices and found all parts from ak blaster, who I’ve bought from before and seem thrustworthy, and a Polish site called azteko, since its almost impossible to cheat people within the EU because the return laws are so strong and the same across borders. I came up with a revised list that goes as follows:

Gearbox and motor:
#GT CNC 6061 3.0 v2 gearbox support 35rps with brushless motor for gel ball blaster

Inner barrel:
Stainless Steel EP Electro Polished Inner Barrel

Outer barrel:
Gel Blaster Outer Barrel reverse threaded

MadBull - Precision Reflex PRI GIII Delta 7

Moter grip:
Amoeba - Straight Backstrap Grip

Maxx Model - CNC Aluminum Advanced Trigger Style B - red

Boyi - PDW stock for AR15 M4 replicas

I still need to find the right t-piece and if the trigger and motor grip fits the gearbox and receiver

judging by the nozzle in that gearbox, LDT tpiece will be the one you are looking for.

Thanks just asked and ak blaster tells me the t-piece is included but they are unsure if the buttstock will fit on the receiver so I’m waiting for a answer from the other site

Not being able to see the back of that receiver doesn’t help, the only issue would be that detent on the bottom of the stock, but based on the light in the ages it looks like it open on the back face of the receiver so it might.

Ok that stock won’t work…

That’s a threaded buttstock connection, not the typical lugged post, whatever you can it, that those PDW sticks need unfortunately

You’d need one with this kind of post

Thou they vary slightly but the premise is the same.

Okay I think i forgot some information, sorry about that.
I took your advice and I’m going with this receiver and this stock now.


That should work shouldn’t it?

They should work, the only issue will be that semi circle but on the stock under where the post on the receiver goes in. If you have a 3D printer, or access to one, you can print a spacer make that bit flush, that’s what I had to do with mine until I got a suitable receiver.