Upcoming Gel Blaster-BF P90 V5 (12th April Update)

Hiiii,another upgrading news of BF P90 V5

upgraded metal gear+fire control chip

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So BingFeng just released the V4 and now they are already marketing a V5? :flushed:

The news comes from their factory,and you just saw the V5 :crossed_fingers:

So the upgrades from the V4 to V5 is metal gears and a different MOSFET/FCU? :thinking:

Yes,and now only a very few quantity are produced.

So these are potentially a “collectors item” in the sense that they are only being released in small quantities?

Not sure now.They just started to produce the V5 just these days.I guess no one have this V5 yet.You are probably the first one to know the V5 is already come out :rofl:

And what they told me is they only produced very low quantity now and not sure if they will produce a lot of V5.Because they need to see the market reaction.If few people buy V5 then they won’t produce too much of it.And V5 is already in stock in my shop.You can check it out.

Mainly upgraded the metal gears and Mosfet.

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I would imagine that the MOSFET is exactly the same as the V4?

Doesn’t make sense for the manufacturers to spend the money upgrading a MOSFET that is already high quality in the latest generation V4 P90?

Metal gears are a great addition, which pretty much brings the new V4/V5 models completely up to date with any other new model Gelblaster on the market :+1:

Oops,I misread your reply,you are right,they didn’t change the Mosfet.
As my post said,they upgraded metal gear and fire control chip(火控)

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The FCU would be the MOSFET :thinking:

I’m keen to get a v5, and a mag.
I’ll play it safe though, and get a b709 import permit first.

@TriggerToy.com , do you have enough stock?

Should I pay a deposit, you hold one for me, and I pay the rest when I get my permit?

It usually takes 2-3 weeks, to get the permit.

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Yeah, you’ll be right with a B709…

Then the rest of us can wallow in envy because you have a metal geared, MOSFET equipped P90. :sob:


Anyone else can get one…!!

Unless, they wanna wait, and see how I go first…!!

Paying with PayPal, is a very good option…!!

Have we been given any idea of thr RRP of the V5s yet? :thinking:

Hiii,so glad that you like the V5.The V5 is in low stock.You can place an order in my shop first.I can ask the factory to keep one for you.I’ll send to you after you got the b709 import permit.

Is it easy to get a b709 import permit?And it will be 100% safe to pass the custom if you get a b709 import permit,right?

Here is how it works (to the best of my knowledge)

In QLD, blasters and blaster parts are legal.
You need to deal with 2 seperate agencies…

QLD police….who issue B709 import permits, and,
Border force (ABF), who seem to vary greatly in what they can do.

There are 2 pathways….

  1. No B709, just order from overseas….

What happens when it arrives in Australia is entirely dependant on ABF. Even on which state it arrives in QLD, or NSW. It may pass through, or may get seized.
If it gets seized, they send you a notice of seizure, and you MAY have a chance to get a B709.

There may or may not be a time limit, if it goes on too long, they may just destroy it.

ABF seem to be a law to themselves, it depends which state it lands in, and who you get on the day…

  1. B709 in place.

This is a much safer practise, ABF seem to have the ability to check if you have a B709.
If you have it in place, it runs much smoother.
Much higher chance of NOT being seized, successfully clearing customs, and being posted to your home.

Not 100% though, some importers had b709 in place, and still had a large order seized by ABF.
It took a big court case , to get it released.
But, seems to be close to 100%, for smaller, private orders.

Concerning my P-90 order, I’ll do this….

Please hold a V5 P-90 , and 1 extra mag for me.

When I get home, on Tuesday, I’ll place an order via your website, and also apply for b709.

Please do NOT send, until I have my B709.
This may take around 2-3 weeks.

I will let you know when I have it, and please send it then…

Hopefully all will go well, and you will start to get more orders from here…

Especially, if you give us discount codes here…!! :grinning::grinning:


Hii!That would be perfect!!I’ll keep a V5 for you and send to you when you got a B709.I would like to offer a 15% discount(in total) for everyone here.And if you order in bulk,I can offer a higher discount.

As I know(just as you mentioned) if you have a B709 in place(in allowed places),when the gel blaster pass the custom,if it’s seized by custom,they will inform me and also you for a B709 permit.Then you can send the B709 to them and then it will pass smoothly.

If it works,may I know if it is convenient for you to order on behalf of some of our friends here.(some of the friends also want to get V5 I guess).Or maybe I can stock some gel blasters to your place,so everyone can get the gel blasters safely from you!!We can make a cooperation to make it legal and safe for everyone.What do you think?

$119.99 would be a nice price?With a 15% special discount for you guys here.And guarantee you can get it safely or get full refund.

Absolutely won’t upset you!!