Upcoming Gel Blaster Spectre M4 (26th April update)

Metal gear box, metal gear, nylon shell.Sadly I can’t attach a video.

Here’s the link if you want to see details of this new buddy:


That’s a cool litle SMG. :+1:

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I watched the video and it has similar sound and fire rate to any other standard blaster on the market :+1:

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Tec-9 conversion template…??


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Hi BME,so far we didn’t hear from the factory.I’ll tell you when new tec 9 come out.


Is there a tec-9 coming out…??

A few people here, certainly hope so…

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cut it down, for a tec-9…
Or , dress it up for HK MII…!

Choices, choices…!

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Pretty close to the HK already, could 3d print the shell and I reckon you could keep whatever gearbox architecture is going on in there.

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great…another m4 :wink: :joy:

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This is a neat little M4 I could get into, if spare mags are a thing.

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An extra mag will be added in your Spectre M4.Ship within 2 days.

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Thanks!We’re glad to hear that.

Just one question…

Do you know, if any company is releasing a Tec-9, anytime soon.?



Oooow one of my favourites.

Funny reading all the comments I wouldn’t f it up and turn it in to an MP bastard child.

I see Friendly Fire posted what it is modelled after already.

I however remember the adverts and reviews in the magazines I used to read. Handy having family members with a newsagency :wink:

Interesting model to choose for a blaster, but I like it. :+1:

We definitely need more variety of blasters based on quirky firearms.


I almost dont wanna go looking at a/soft stuff, in the states…

Its just cruel…

Such a huge variety, but…


Hopefully soon…but so far no.I’ll keep sharing new released gel blasters here!