Upgrade Cyma M4-CQB JD-100 / cyma jund m4 cqb jd 100

I’m a beginner and I need your help and opinion on picking the correct upgrade parts for my new cyma m4 gel blaster.

I did some research about some parts and
What gear should i choose?
brand shs gear 18:1 ???
Picture no. 1

Or this other 18:1 gear i don’t know what this other brand called but it already have some other parts
Picture no. 2

This is the only anti reversal latch listed in the shop brand shs
Picture no. 3

Shs motor gear D type or O type?
Picture no. 4

14 tooth piston and piston head
Picture no. 5

i found in the shop comments this type of Cylinder head is working on their cyma m4
Picture no. 6

And for the other parts I will keep it stock for now. Spring, 7.4v battery and motor

Edit: its hard to put pictures and link for new users’ limited pictures and link

Welcome to the group :+1:

Just my two cents worth, CYMA M4 CQBs are pretty okay in stock format. I’m assuming the orange nylon gearbox with the blue nylon gears.

As you’re a beginner, if I were you I’d invest in a decent 7.5mm alloy inner barrel, upgrade the cylinder head and nozzle with o ring versions, whack in a green piston o ring and a mild spring upgrade, M90 or 1.18 unequal.

I’d suggest it’s best to learn to disassemble and reassemble your blaster in stock form before tacking upgrades with metal gears. That’s always something you can do if and when you chew out the nylon ones… metal gears require precision shimming to guarantee they’ll work properly and they’re not as forgiving as nylon. Those CYMA nylon gears will last you a good while if you look after them and don’t stress them too much with a heavy spring.

Plenty of tutorials on Youtube re gear shimming if you decide to go down that path though. :+1: