Wanted to create a volumetric table to work out barrel length for another Gen 8 Aug and forgot that the calculator has gone away

Trying to remember the parameters

Cylinder length 70mm
Diameter 23.5mm
Piston head depth for reduction of swept volume = ???
Anything else ???

Assume that piston head does not extend past the end of the cylinder

Appreciate input

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There used to be a bit of debate about this on the old forum…

I always worked on swept volume with my VE calculations for cylinder volume i.e. the volume of air your piston’s actually pushing and not the total cylinder length.

Barrel volume always included the length of any hop up fitted up to the side vents.

But I don’t think it’s that critical though. It was really only a guide and I got good results using the default parameters on the forum calculator anyway before I started adjusting. :man_shrugging:

AirsoftTech.dk - Cylinder to barrel - Volume ratio

Based off this, reduce it about 10% and you are around the mark due to the larger ball diameter.

Unfortunately the GBF VE calculator who had that little handy calculator hosted separate to the GBF has gone awol afaik. It’s all good as it’s based from it’s og cousin.

Appreciate feedback on this


Looks about the same numbers as far I remember with 1.6 -1.7 being the sweet spot most of the time.

Nice work. :+1:

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