Well g17 gas pistol

hello guys, im lookimg for an inner barrel compatible with the well g17, my stock one broke and im having a hard time finding one, any tips would be greatly appreciated

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If you have any spare alloy barrel handy, it’s reasonably easy (but time consuming) to file down the back end to fit into the barrel holder… Just take your time and match it to the shape of the original barrel. A vernier caliper will help.
Or access to a lathe, or a mate with one, will make it easier still…
Ive filed down stainless barrels also, but it takes a lot longer…although 7.3mm inner stainless makes great pistol barrels.


Has anyone replaced the hammer unit in a Wells G17 - Gen 4. Tried to rebuild it but it looks like the valve striker is too worn. Probably need a complete unit but don’t want to shell out $150 for CowCow