What are some good fields

so i live in nsw and its “illegal” to have a gel blaster here. (we need a firearms license from all the research ive done) is there any fields at all in nsw or at least close by?

Ah they are just flat out banned according to your legislation. Not even a firearms licence will do it.

Frequently Asked Questions - Firearms and Ammunition - NSW Police Public Site

Best bet is to hop over the north or west border to SA or Qld. Make a trip out of it, and use the hire blasters.

god our laws are a joke for a toy. i honestly think if its legal in other states it should be legal in nsw

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Da, agreed :wink: should be but unfortunately isn’t.

Still legal here in Queensland… as they should be, being toys. But we still have regulations around the sale, storage, transportation and use of gel blasters, and we’re lucky when you compare it to the shafting our mates in W.A. and Tas got when they were banned in those states.

I lived in Vic for years, as far as I know they’ve always been illegal there on appearance grounds. Not sure if they were ever legal in NSW either.

So South Oz which has draconian registration laws and limited venues and Queensland where you can still use them in your backyard out of public view are the only two states where they’re not banned outright.

Go figure… :person_shrugging:

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While I agree it is against board rules stated up top and front so likely get myself banned even discussing this as stated.

I personally prefer marijuana fields
But a strawberry field will do in a pinch

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At least it is something that no other state in Australia bothered to do including Queensland. I don’t like it either, but it’s something. Something is better than nothing.

I don’t particularly like throwing $10k in the wheelie bin. It is so easy to do I do not know what the fuss is about.

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Don’t misunderstand me, man… I totally agree with your comment. :+1:

Anything IS definitely better than nothing if your options are surrender or destroy… and if it ever swings the same way up here I’ll be registering mine just to keep them, or disabling them and keeping them under replica regs.

The SA draconian comment is more directed to the requirement to register ALL of them… case in point, Brad Phillips’ todger blaster. :laughing:

If WA had been given the option to register rather than surrender I’m sure a lot of people would have taken them up on it instead of binning their entire collection.

But we’re not saying anything new here. It is what it is. :person_shrugging:

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It’s all good. My point being is if they did register gel blasters in Queensland in an existing class you’d be stuck with a 10 shot gel blaster. They’d have to make a separate class, which is doable but requires more thought from the legislators.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that. :person_shrugging: