What is everyone's favourite CQB blaster?

Me and my group (couple of mates, couple of fam) have been going around Brisbane checking out the different Fields. Going to a few different cqb fields has got me thinking about CQB gel blasters. So as the title says what is everyone’s favourite CQB blaster?

JinMing Gen8’s, UMP45’s or J12 AK’s👌

The J12 AK’s were a freak of nature and can highly recommend them if you can find one in this modern market! :sunglasses:

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I agree with @DocBob on the J12, I have put mine through hell and I just love it, if you can pick one up for the $120-140 mark like I did they are a good blaster.

At this time, Tac Edge have a sale on the SLR ION range for $299. They have a cyma metal gearbox, which means they are decent out of the box, but have heaps of upgrade potential. Also short and M4 so decent mag capacity, but the upgrade potential is why I always like anything with a cyma metal box.

People always recommend ARP9s for CQB, I think they are wank, the HLF has very small mag capacity, gearbox isn’t great.
The XYL ARP9 has larger mag capacity but still not much, but the drums you can get for them are good. The stock trigger circuit is very limiting, basically if you want to run 11v, better motor and larger spring you need to upgrade it. If you do like the ARP9 style, the XYL is the better choice, but to do any real performance upgrades you have a good amount of spend involved in a mosfet before you do anything.

I personally use MP5s for cqb games, because I love them, and their low mag capacity is not too bad in semi CQB.

Honestly, a shorty M4 is your best bet, as it will have limitless upgrade potential, and good mag capacity. Parts are easy to get, its just hard not to recommend one. Even harder for me not to recommend an SLR ION at $299, given they are normally $549 and up! Full metal, decent performers, and so good to work on and upgrade. TBH if I could justify one to the wife atm I would be getting one, but I have so many M4s, I want literally anything but atm.

Realistically, get whatever you like the look and feel of, as if you like that, you will enjoy it more than if you get something you don’t like. :slight_smile:


Only thing to watch with a Gen 8 for CQB is whether it complies with a semi only rule. But there are MOSFETS for that… :wink:

If I was thinking CQB loadout these days I’d be rocking this Gen 8 dinosaur just because you wouldn’t see another one on the field :joy:

But if I wanted to get serious about it, I’d take the Sig 552 or the XM-177.

Not an unneccesary optic on any of them, just the way I like it.


Problem with Gen 8 is that some games are semi only. It’s the reason I can’t use my favourite A! Steyr with the Gen 8 gearbox

BTW - one of the x-Force guys is looking for some F2000 bits for his build

I’m always on the lookout for Ze Hua F2000 stuff… like rockinghorse shit nowadays.

I remember on the old forum Arty_Marty started the run of F2000 builds. About 3 or 4 of us went nuts on them, some kept the old wheezer of a gearbox, others like me went Gen 8. :joy:

Still got mine. :wink:


I wouldn’t recommend it as a first blaster, but my personal favourite at semi only games is gas pistols. You can unleash your inner John Wick! Very easy to get around tight areas, wicked fast trigger response to keep the speedybois on their toes; bit of a challenge as you ammo is very limited… but above all it is just good fun!

The JM AK74U looks like tappet spring is bad. Was looking at the TG ARP9 at x-force But just shortened my CYMA M4 for this afternoon’s game. Only limitation is slow trigger response on semi

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Go the other extreme, rock up with a M249, you got like 3000 gels to clear rooms with, if a teammate gets in th way it’s their own fault :rofl:

Found another limitation - the speed of the operator

Cyma M4A1 CQB, it is my only blaster and best blaster that I own

Mine will always be the mighty gen8, but in the years since, both the HK UMP45 and JinMing J12 AK74U are pretty unbeatable also :ok_hand:

Gotta be this one haha :rofl:

I 2nd the MP5’s as supperior.

that being said there are ways to expand the mag capacity and reliability of them :wink:


Was there any actual solid gels coming out of that thing?

Looks like nothing more than a Confetti Sprinkler! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Pretty sure I saw one or two intact gels comin’ out… :joy:

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You saw THAT many? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Be better off advertising it as a Shotgun rather than a Gelblaster! :roll_eyes::joy:

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