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Hey everyone

Played hard and soft ball for many years but for environmental reasons im trying out gel blasters.
I live in Denmark and find it extremely hard to find a high end gel blaster in the EU (for tax reasons I’m not looking for anything outside the EU). I’m looking for something very high end and with access to a bigger extra magazine that can be bought within the EU. Was looking at the jinming acr j10 , since it seemed like a good weapon but its sold out everywhere I look. Any suggestions for fully automatic gun’s and websites where I can buy it in th Eu would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, I am a beginner with limited experience but I think I can still help. Since this is a very Australian dominated forum not a lot of us have experience with European gel blasting. Cutting to the chase doing some quick research I found a highly reliable shop, https://akgelblaster.com/, the owner is also on the forum @AKgelblaster. For a gel blaster, I know very little. Hope the website and the knowledge from other forum members helps you.


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Not sure what the gel scene is like in Europe, but I have a feeling you may be limited to companies that offer worldwide shipping. Most will be Asia based.

Just be careful which company you buy from… some have figured heavily in card scams and insecure payment issues.

PayPal option’s always a good thing. Good hunting! :+1:


Hello Christian,

Thanks @Jakedestr0yer for mentioning. I agree to go for local sellers or EU stocks if possible mainly due to the possibilities of VAT/TAX applied.

International imports to Denmark may result in 25% VAT/TAX (pls double check if it’s importance), yet you can definitely check with the seller on discount or what they can do before ordering, so that the VAT/TAX applied can be lower. Factor in the potential VAT/TAX to the budget and you will be fine.

For the blaster, pay with PayPal for buyers protection, and for ACR parts such as mags, you can check monkeemods https://www.monkeemods.com/wbb/jm-gen-10-acr-pmag.html
If we have something you look for, you are more than welcome to try an order with us!

Some warm reminders if you consider ordering outside EU:

  • Check whether the parcel is shipped by sea, by air mail or by express.
    Including the time for customs clearance, it takes a month or more if it is ship by sea, takes 2-4 weeks if it is shipped by air-mail, take 1-2 weeks if it is shipped by express.

  • Check how the gel blaster will be boxed. some sellers( include us) will ship the full blaster with the original box. But some sellers will disassemble the blaster into parts, better know in advance as broken parts and missing parts are more likely to occur in this case. And if it happens, how it will be managed.

  • Check how customs issues will be handled. As Denmark does not have strict rules around replica, airsoft and gel blaster. Import of gel blaster to Denmark should not be an issue. However, the seller may ship the package from a location that gel blaster cannot be freely exported, there may be customs issues on their side. Most sellers (but not all) will offer refund or resend if the order stuck due to incorrect customs declaration or customs issues at their side, but it definitely worth to check in advance.

Just looking at all the blasters you can get outside of Australia is annoying, imagine the variety of blasters you’d see if it was easier to import your own and not be at the mercy of the ABF/customs.


@DChapo supplement He is from EU - Denmark. Real steel and airsoft are dominating with very limited options for gel blasters. Import is not an issue but their customs May take VAT/TAX

Oh yeah I saw they’re in EU, I was just saying, our customs are just a pain.


I have to confess to my brothers and sisters here that I have been working in depth with @AKgelblaster for some time now, but only because they are the only company I have seen in the last two years that are not dodgy drop shippers, sell quality products, have impeccable after sales support and unmatched online presence in their personal knowledge of dealing with the actual Gelblaster manufacturers and companies themselves to have solid inside information that nobody else knows about or shares with the consumers in this hobby :ok_hand:

All of us here have seen retailers come and go, those who were out for the quick dollar sales, those who came and went on our Forums and yet disappeared very quickly when they found out that we are not noobs to this hobby and actually know our shit when it comes to product quality and legalities of Gelblaster trading around the world.

I invited @AKgelblaster to come and join us here to be able to give actual real world information to those international people who have come to our Australian Forum asking questions that we honestly can’t answer.

I think that @AKgelblaster has a lot to offer for those overseas people who are joining us here to be able to give straightforward feedback that we really can’t answer, which I believe the reply above really highlights this very helpful information being shared with us here :+1:

………… and added brownie points for only being here to help out, not trying to sell/market their own sales/products, because as mentioned before, this whole Forum is about sharing knowledge and experience, not a platform to try and advertise overseas retailers trying to sell their products to our members :sunglasses:


Thanks a ton to @DocBob for sharing all the professional knowledge, the sharing can build up as an encyclopaedia already. We should have some anniversary celebrations!

Looking back, most useful tech talks we can search now on Google are coming from Australia. if any posts or questions we may help, @akgelbakster, I will jump into and chat.

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Just on a side topic has anyone played with the SRC blasters? Any thoughts? Assuming they use gen8 mags.
Got an open slot in the locker and a voucher to use for TE.

Thank you guys for all your great help.
I’m looking for a high performance weapon now at akblaster.com and I’ve ruled it down to the following options:
SIJUN M4 Gel Blaster Shell ejection version metal gearbox – AKgelblaster
SIJUN HK416C v3.0
SIJUN HK416C v3.0 Gel Blaster with Split Type Metal Gearbox released O – AKgelblaster
JingJi SLR CQB v4 Gel
JingJi SLR CQB v4 Gel Blaster Tan Nov 2023 – AKgelblaster
TG G36 Gel Blaster
TG G36 Gel Blaster Released Jan 2024 – AKgelblaster
JINGJI SR16 gsl Metallic Split Gearbox
JingJI SR16 Gel Blaster Gun Metallic Split Gearbox Premier Gel Gun USA and Puerto Rico – AKgelblaster

Price isn’t really a problem. I want a gun that shoots far and precise more then lots of shoots and overall just a weapon that work reliably right out of the box. Later I might wanna upgrade it, but for now I just want it to work. Any suggestions?

I would recommend the SR16, but all of those products you listed above are very decent quality Blasters, as AkGelblaster only sells well renowned brands and products.

Simply pick whichever model that you like the looks of the most and go from there :+1:

Thanks man. Can I be a little annoying and ask why you recommend that model, not that I disagree since it’s the one I was looking at, I just don’t really get what makes it better then the other

I’m in a banned state in Australia, so unfortunately my knowledge is restricted to older model blasters from a knowledge/experience perspective, but from working with @AKgelblaster for quite a while now, the SR16 has had many happy customers and reviews :+1:

Again, all of the blaster models that you have listed are all good quality products, so is really down to whichever style suits your tastes/needs the best.

Every single one of these blasters have similar performance, and will all benefit from any further power upgrades that you might want to add to them, so they are all on a level playing field other than the Shell Ejecting model that you linked!

The Shell Ejection blasters are a lower performance model that are hybrid designed for both gels and small foam balls, so they cannot match the power or accuracy of gel specific blasters like the other models.

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Thanks again very much

Since I have never seen a Sijun or TG blaster on my bench here in Australia I cant’ comment on them. Shell ejection is never something that performs well, and is a novelty item.

I can talk to a JingJi, as we have had a few models of them here. When I worked at a store I loved them. They were more expensive than similar brands, but the only time I seen them come back was for upgrades or if someone broke the nylon trigger being a bit excited and heavy handed. Never had a warranty issue with them. That is worth ALOT especially if it is your first blaster. Something you can have lots of fun with without hassle and worrying it will break is pure gold. And they can be upgraded easily too so it gives you options down the track as you evolve in the hobby.

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Hey again you guys. I took you advice and bought the bought from akgelblasters.com. i bought the jinjji sr16 and my friend bought the TG G36. We like both weapon and now I can’t stop myself and want to buy another blaster. I’m looking to try out different vendors to see if one suits me better then the other.
First I stumbled over www.azraelsarmoury.com and i absolutely love this store but its a little to expensive when considering taht i have to pay 25 % extra in Vat. So looking around it seems that the only online stores, that have a good collection and deliver into the eu are akgelblasters.com and briliantz.com.
Am i missing something and have any of you any experience with briliantz.com?

Never heard of Brilliantz.com, so can only recommend and shill for @AKgelblaster as the best global supplier that I know and trust :ok_hand:

Thanks @DocBob for mentioning.
As long as the location allows the import, and if you cannot find something locally. Welcome to reach out on any specific thing or advice you want. The G36 was arrived with some issues due to transit which we are working on sending a new gearbox. thanks @Christian85 for your trust and mention.

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I’m not the only one that gets triggered when they flip the rear sights up like that surely :unamused:

And it’s not just a one off.