Whats a fair price for a used Jinming J13 HK416C? (Pictures & Videos Down Below)

There’s an online seller that’s selling his used HK416C. He claimed to have only used it in a game once. Blaster is one year old. the blaster’s FPS has since dropped from the jinmiing standard of 250fps to now only having around 200fps. A New blaster costs $100 here but I don’t have the money rn to buy a new one. He is selling his blaster for $66. What do you think is a fair price for this blaster? Could I maybe bargain and get a price of maybe $35+ because the blaster looks kinda beat up? Should I even buy the blaster at all? lol

Btw, below are pictures and videos from the seller:

If you are prepared to pull it apart and replace parts might just need piston oring, if not just get a new one.

what do u think about the rust?

Easily cleaned up with something like wd40 or anti corrosive lubricant and a rag. Looks only surface due to being in a moist enviroment.

It’s helpful and a good idea if you let people know your location when you make enquiries like this one.

The overwhelming majority of forum members are Australia based, it would be difficult to give advice about parts availability, pricing and vendors if the inquiry is from the USA for example.

Some blasters which are considered current and fairly new in other countries are considered old school here in Oz, opinions on value will vary.

Tech questions cross borders though, so no problem with them.

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in China, I sell new J13 at the price of 198 RMB
In fact , it seems cheap and durable and no need to worry about its quality.
BTW, if you just want a HK416C why not buy J16 and other parts.
J13 gearbox isnot 2# and has no single shoot.

Well that’s not good then. No bang bang.

But it does go bang bang bang bang bang

You better get one then :rofl:

Mu Bang GIF - Mu Bang Udah GIFs

what do you guys mean “bangbang”?

Reference to select fire vs full auto.

Select goes “bang”…

Full auto goes “bang bang bang bang”…

Wells go “bang bang bang crash boom bang”… or not at all.