Whats best way to jerry rig a few batteries in line

Sometimes I don’t have enough time to charge one battery at the time but I need a bunch for a game coming up. Ive got connectors and cable so I’m looking at jerry rigging like 6-10 in a line with one plugged into the charger. would this be a problem they dont have to all be fully charged, just enough. Thanks for your help.

Hmm what chargers you using?

Yes this is a huge problem unless you have:

  1. A good quality charger (eg sky RC b6)

  2. A parallel charging board.

  3. Identical batteries.

Otherwise you’re looking at several spicy pillows and a house fire.


A paralell board is the best option.
But if you have a charger that charges thru the balance leads (with or without mains charging) you can use a balance lead paralell harness. You need to charge slow when doing this though, generally 1 amp or less.

A 2nd, small charger is a good option too.

Do not, DO NOT, just charge multiple lipos through the mains lead only at the same time. They need to be balanced as well.