Aliens Pulse Rifle gelblaster

All black version, now available for preorder…

They used a black version, in Alien3…

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$850 for a cumbersome ugly POS… :laughing: :laughing:

In reality who’s going to go to a field with this…thing.

I’ve got the Nerf ones but they were for static props, paint and weathered

If it’s really a Snow Wolf M41A Pulse Rifle Airsoft AEG…AIRSOFT, then I guess you can shoot BB’s out of it…

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Questions have been asked,

In the royal palace…

“ I Wonder what the colour, of the skin will be…?”

Oh, the outrage…

Best talk to Oprah… :rofl::rofl:

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Posted elsewhere, but will repost here as is pertinent to this thread.

The price range of these replicas seems to have retailers a bit reluctant to spend a heap of cash on a “minimum order quantity” of these blasters from the manufacturer to hopefully be able to recoup their quite considerable investment through high sales numbers :thinking:

Hey, just to clarify, the swin alien is the pulse rifle.??

Ie snow wolf manufacture it, vas would purchase from them, then send to monkey mods for the conversion?

And, monkey mods has made the decision not to go ahead.??

If so, why has vas advertised the black version.?
In an attempt to get more people to order, and thus reverse monkey mods decision.?

Is that the presumed state of play…??

Xforce to.d me it was 100% going ahead…

Also, doing a google search for gel blaster community, does not bring up a link to this site…
But I can log in through “ favourites
Im currently in Adelaide, does that affect the software.?

Being Monkey Mods I think it’s this nerf pistol:

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Haven’t had time to research through the monkey mods website about the versions that they were looking to get, nor do I go on Social Media/Spacebook, so haven’t seen if they have information about those products there either…… but is probably easy to find if anyone was interested.

This looks like a case of crossed wires.

When I saw your post, about monkey mods cancelling the sw alien, I thought…
“Why is this posted here.? … is the sw alien, the snow wolf alien pulse rifle?”

If so , why have the cancelled it, if vas is now offering the black one.?

Anyway, all sorted now, and confusion removed….resume normal programming…

No worries, I just posted the information as it pertained to this thread and never know if there may have been people here who might have pre-ordered one through Monkey Mods :+1:

Vas loves his sci-fi stuff, so I’m sure that he’ll definitely go through with the deal even if he has to take a financial hit on them !

So ‘this’ gel blaster is a Snow Wolf Airsoft that ‘they’ will convert once they land depending how many people give them $850…

Who in their right mind work fork over $850 on a ‘maybe’

Seriously who is going to buy these…?

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When i spoke to them in store, they said it was definately going ahead 100%.
The preorders were about determining numbers.

They do need to place a minimum order number, eg 300 items total.
If they get 70 pulse rifles , they will need to order 230 other items , ie m4s etc.

Like i said, this is a specialized item, catering to a certain fanbase, and i reckon there will be enough interest.

$850 is expensive, but people pay $650 for gas pistols ( peacemaker / rhino etc), so its not out of the ballpark.

The new WAT MG’s, are going for $1580…
It just depends, how much you want one…

Have a look at Xforce f/b page…

He reposted an ad about pulse rifle preorders…

The comments section is interesting.

One guy in NSW got 9 mths jail, for having a electric pistol…!!
You do NOT want to have anything, in the banned states…!!

On a positive side, Vas is enquiring with VIC police, if the Pulse Rifle gearboxes can be removed, and then sold as non firing, toy movie prop replicas…

That’s a responsible move, that will hopefully allow Vic fans, the ability to at least buy a shell, if they really want one…

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That’s a smart and businesslike move to try and work with the Vic Leadership to make these a “deactivated“ Movie Prop display by Law…… which I never thought I’d ever be writing such comments about a plastic toy in this country! :roll_eyes:

Hopefully Vas has some success with this endeavour though, as he’s certainly invested a lot of time and money getting these things into the market :+1:


Heavy breathing…

Looks like a modified or variant of the M41A.
I’m just so pumped for the movie to come out.

Nice… big fanboy of the Aliens franchise.

Looong wait until August though. :roll_eyes:

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Everything after Alien 2 is shit…so I expect more of the same… :laughing:

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Dunno about that… Prometheus and Covenant were decent because they didn’t link them to the Predator movies.

It’s when they tied in the Alien franchise with the Predator franchise that the movies went south.



AVP is a great film…and of course the rest past that are shit… :laughing: