Any Recommendations For A First Pistol?

Was looking to get my first pistol and was trying to consider options. I’m decently tall (6’6") and have the equivalent bear hands so can’t imagine a smaller blaster like:

would be comfortable for me.

At the moment my toss up is between a WE rex or the EMG/TTI Sand viper.

Has anyone got any experience with these? How they perform/feel? Or any other better options?

It’s going to come down to what feels good in your bear size hands. :laughing: best to head instore and try a few out.

Personally I’m a bit of a fan of the Beretta 92 platform because they are chunkier than 1911s, Glocks and Hi Cappas without being ridiculousy Desert Eagle big.

Double Bell make a Taurus M92 that X Force reviewed well, around $330… Speaking of well, steer clear of any Well or NWell GBB pistols… garbage.


Any Double Bell … I have 5 DB Glocks and 1 Beretta. All are better than my WETechs



Yeah… 100% agree on Double Bell. :+1:

A Glock is lighter to carry in a game. Beretta is nice and chunky but heavy

Yeah, I do like my DB Glock 17 SAI… very light. :+1:

Compared to my GE Hi Cappa it’s a featherweight.

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My DB G22 is prob the most accurate of my gats. My new G26 is surprisingly accurate as well. None of my DBs seem too picky on gels either, compared to my WETechs.

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I appreciate the extra weight for tools or blasters, helps me mitigate the shakes I get from a neuro issue. So the Berretta sounds nice, Glock seems like a popular choice as well so I’m not gonna disregard the community advice.

I don’t have tons of gas pistol experience, I only own JG hicapa, JG 1911, and wetech and armourer works glocks.
Double Bell are good budget options. Many are a bit dry out of the box and could do with some lube and seals being oiled but they all seem to work well.

JG Hi capas are great in my experience. Me and a few mates have 2+ years given them a hiding on both green gas and one mate on c02, they just work, and keep working. Mine gets neglected on maintenance schedule pretty bad, and it still works. And they aren’t very fussy on gels. Great workhorse pistols in my experience.
The JG 1911 I have owned for a while but not used much, so can’t make many comments apart from it holds less gas and gels than the hicapa, and does about 270fps instead of the 300fps the hicapa does. Apart from that it is very similar to the hicapa, but I just haven’t used it much apart from at home, never fielded it as… well the 5.1 hicapa is just my workhorse and that is all.

We-tech and Armourer Works glocks are good and I love them, but the are fussy on gels. They like smaller gels or they won’t feed. They also don’t like gels that have dried surface. X-Force predator v2 gels have been a god send for these, as they can get a full term soak, stay moist (snigger) longer, and grow to the right smaller size for them.

I am keen on a DB Taurus, and the Sig P226; but spare money, the pistol, and two spare mags have not aligned in my universe yet. (I only buy a pistol if I can also get two spare mags)

I tried out the DB Sig P226 and the Taurus back to back down at North Lakes a few months ago. At the time, my money would have gone on the Sig.

Might just have been those particular examples, but the Sig seemed a bit snappier. The Beretta clone was a clear winner in the looks department though. :person_shrugging:

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I own a couple or so GBB pistols. Both of your choices in the original post are WE Tech, the EMG Pit Viper and Sand Viper are made by Armourer Works (WE Tech custom branch).
I bought the EMG Sand Viper which for some reason they made a full auto. I broke the take down pin firing it in auto. It slid out and snapped in the slide on its way out while firing. After that experience I went with the Army Armament Sand Viper. Very happy with that one. It has metal upgrades in the quick wearing parts where the EMG is cast alloy. Can recommend.

EMG (Armourer Works) Pit Viper and Army Armourment (JAG Precision) the Sand Viper does not come with sights as per real steel, you’ll need to purchase a RMR sight for it.

With most Hi Cappa pistols the frame on a 4.3 and a 5.1 are the same size, just shorter at the front to accommodate the shorter slide and barrel. Pair of SAI 2011’s top 5.1, lower 4.3

I like WE Tech Glocks but not so happy with their Hi Cappas.

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one benefit to buying instore rather than online - after purchase, i always get them to gas the mag to check no leaks and strip and lube the gat for me. I reackon aat least 1/4 of the mags Ive had them gas just leaked it out in seconds and theyve swapped it.

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That’s great advice. I buy a lot online but have to say I’ve been quite lucky. Not one leaky mag on purchase out of all those. Some have leaked later on though, even though I keep a little gas in them for storage.

Forgot to mention, I have that WE Tech Irex Hi Cappa you’re thinking about. I don’t recommend it. The auto select switch is very temperamental, it won’t stay in semi.

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Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out!
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This kit is a must have item for your GBB maintenance.

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Changes to $8.25 when you put it into cart

Just a couple of gbbs haha, that’s an awesome collection. The reason I was considering the ones I initially mentioned is because Tac Edge is my local store and I generally try and buy from my local if they’re decent.


Sorry for the hijack, but question for the GBB afficionados while you’re here…

Is it possible to swap the grip on a Golden Eagle Hi Cappa to give it more of a 1911 Government look? :thinking: Something like a blank grip I can screw wood side plates to?

I friggin’ hate the hex honeycomb look.

You might be able to mod one of these

leaking later on - yeh same - still to find a cure for that. Very frustating to grab your favorite gat and try to fill it and the gas just rushes out the top. I think I need a heavier weight silicon oil to lube the valves. The standard Abbey oil does nothing to help.