B709 Questions - Conditions Of Import

First off, I don’t have a B709 permit, but I have friends who do.

With all the a/soft to gel conversions on the market now, I’m wondering where they fit into the scheme of things permit wise. I believe some are being imported and converted here by licenced importers and resellers.

Long story short, is it possible for the holder of a B709 to legally import an a/soft shell that has been gutted for the purposes of conversion to gel?

The scenario would be a NZ or UK based agent would purchase the blaster, strip all the internal a/s components then ship the bare shell here to the holder of a B709. I don’t see any difference to what’s happening already, or are the converted blasters we’re getting here coverted at the factory prior to shipping? :person_shrugging:

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Thats what i was going to do, to bring in my NZ pulse rifle.

I did make enquiries, but did not receive a 100% conclusive answer.

All you can do , is try.

-Have an email trail, asking all the appropriate questions, with the relevant authorities. Both border force, and the police.

-Ensure EVERY a/soft part is stripped, and its nothing but an empty shell.

  • Have listed on the B709, as a “Gelsoft Shell” etc.

If there is any problem, it should be all above board, and (hopefully) the worst would be they confiscate it.

At the end of the day, i didnt wanna risk my relevant security clearances, with any potential issues, so i didn’t proceed.


@BME Cheers for the insight :+1:

Hmmm… the shell I’m after is only available in the UK or USA, not available in NZ. Price for the blaster is in excess of AU$750 from the UK… add shipping and… wow :roll_eyes:

Big outlay for an exercise in gambling with Customs and BorderForce.

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What! You didn’t get a straight answer from government bodies? That can’t be right.:scream:

Can i add an UZI, and a MG-42, to your order.?!? :rofl: :rofl:

Maybe test the waters, with a smaller / cheaper item first, and see how it pans out…

Like, a UZI, for example…!! :smile: :smile:

Don’t gamble, contact your states W/L or whatever it’s called BME contacted recently.

Definitely go the B709A route. Sounds like your mates with the B709a for the item already have it so why not ask them. B709a’s are item specific and have to be redone for each import, it’s not a blanket ok to import.

“Do I need an import permit to import gel blasters?”

“Yes. A B709A Police Confirmation and Certification is required to import gel blasters from overseas into Queensland. Furthermore, you cannot use a B709A Police Confirmation and Certification more than once. A B709A application will be required for each time you wish to import gel blasters. B709A Police Confirmation and Certifications for gel blasters are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.”

You need one for a rifle stock, so I’d say yea you going to need one.

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That seems all pretty specific for gel blasters, no mention of a/s because it falls into the “illegal to import”. :man_shrugging:

I’ll have a chat with my mate up the road… he’s a gel blaster retailer, he imports constantly… but not a/soft stuff.

I might just be stuck with the ABS shell I’ve got.

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I would say a shell would be ok as it can be for gel blaster. You’d still need the B709a for it. No mention of airsoft as it’s outright banned. Be same for gearboxes and motors etc lots of similarities.

Ask your retailer mate to import it for you. Should be able to do that.

When i brought in my pulse rifle kit, i had a b709 for that, as well.
The box was plain brown, and had no markings of a/soft on it either.

It arrived, no probs at all…

That’s encouraging :+1:

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