BF P90 V4 Gel Blaster Review and Disassembly

BF P90 V4 Gel Blaster Review and Dsassembly

Hi everyone.It’s Marcos here.I’m happy to be a member here!I wanna share my experience in BF P90 V4 Gel Blaster.It’s all about my personal though so you can feel free to share your ideas!(It’s sad that it only allow me to upload 1 photo…)

After a bit of a break, BF dropped the fourth generation P90, the BF P90 V4, and I couldn’t wait to dive back into the action with this new toy. In this blog, we’re zooming in on the BF P90 V4 gel blaster review, dissecting its features, improvements over the BF P90 V3, and taking a close look at its disassembly process. I’ll walk you through the stark contrasts between the BF P90 V4 and its predecessor, dive into the disassembly process, and showcase the main components in detail.


Right off the bat, the BF P90 V4 addresses all those pesky issues with cracks and rough edges that plagued the BF P90 V3. The craftsmanship and materials have seriously leveled up, hitting a mainstream quality that’s hard to beat. Details like the engraving, magazine, and mag release are finer, effectively eliminating jamming issues. Additions like the linked charging handle, simplified fire control, reverse-threaded muzzle, quick-detach butt plate, updated side rails, and redesigned battery compartment at the tail have all been revamped or added, fixing the gripes from the third generation without hiking the price. Talk about staying true to their roots.


The disassembly process shares a lot of similarities with the BF P90 V3:

  • First up, pressing the front disassembly button and pushing forward removes the front part. Here, you’ll notice the integrated charging handle and a minor addition to stabilize the inner barrel, which still poses a bit of a headache due to restrictions that prevent wrapping it with tape for stability.

  • Next, unscrew the ten self-tapping screws, paying special attention to the two shorter ones marked in yellow.

  • Then, gently pry apart the two halves of the casing, being extra careful around the mag release to avoid any damage.

  • Finally, opening up the casing reveals a gearbox very similar to the third generation, maintaining the same size but with slight differences in bearing sizes and sensor holes, distinct from the 95/97 models. The hefty micro switch mount on top remains, paying homage to its robust lineage.

  • The gearbox’s color shifted from white to black, with the material feeling pretty similar but a tad softer. The bearing holes have been upgraded to 8mm, accommodating any bearing with ease. Hall sensors and magnets in the gearbox follow the same setup as the newer 95/97 models, ensuring stability across firing modes.

  • In terms of accessories, traditional elements like the red-tailed 460 motor, J8 bridge piece, small aperture poppet head, aluminum cylinder, and 180° anti-reverse gears are all there, making for an impressive out-of-the-box experience at 65-70@18Hz. Despite this, it’s better suited for minor modifications to maintain stable performance around 25 shots per second.

  • On AOE (Angle Of Engagement): Due to a shallower cylinder head depth compared to JinMing or third-party products, improvements with a JinMing cylinder head are minimal.

  • The nozzle has been raised compared to JinMing’s by 1.2mm, causing issues with proper lock-up and potentially affecting initial velocity. Using a JinMing O-ring nozzle with RenXiang rubber brings it to the same height as the original, solving any leakage issues.

  • original nozzle(above)BF P90 V4 Gel Blaster Review

  • JingMing nozzle(above)BF P90 V4 Gel Blaster Review

  • Moving from left to right, we have JinMing’s third-party cylinder head/BingFeng’s stock cylinder head/JinMing’s stock cylinder head, BingFeng’s stock nozzle/JinMing O-ring + RenXiang rubber/JinMing stock/JinMing O-ring/JingJi.The factory setup includes a basic gear tuning, where the bevel gear and the sector gear might rub against each other. Placing a 0.2mm spacer under the sector gear’s contact surface eliminates this friction. The meshing of the bevel gear is pretty solid, so it’s kept in its stock condition. The total space for gear tuning is about 0.5mm, which is easier to adjust compared to the 95/97 models. Just a heads-up when swapping gears: thin-backed bevel gears are preferred, though thick-backed metal gears are now rare.For the slow nylon gears, I usually don’t adjust them. Simply using spacers to reduce friction between the gears and between the gears and the bushings, maintaining about a 0.2mm gap, does the trick. As long as the stock gear doesn’t have any major issues and is properly lubricated, it will have a long lifespan.

  • Gear tuning remains relatively straightforward with the factory setup. Reducing friction between gears and bearings with spacers while maintaining about 0.2mm of gap ensures a long lifespan. After swapping the nozzle and applying some basic lubrication, the BF P90 V4 really shows its strength, with the stock spring hitting 80-85 without fail.

All in all, with a custom magazine added to the mix, the BF P90 V4 gel blaster review shows both its looks and performance have been significantly boosted. Whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned player, the BF P90 V4 has something for everyone.

I recently found a new spot with particularly beautiful scenery.BF P90 V3 gel blaster seems to be a product from 2018, and the BF P90 V4 gel blaster from 2023. It took five years to sharpen this sword, a period of quietly accumulating strength. The upgrades in the fourth generation are indeed praiseworthy.I will share some basic and entry topic some time later.


Adding fire control to these P90s is a game changer.

I’d happily rock a P90 at a CQB event now that it’s semi-auto capable. :+1:

Do any vendors in Oz have the V4. iHobby says they do but the description doesn’t mention a fire select option - just full auto

Haven’t really looked to see who is stocking these in Australia, maybe a bit slow on the uptake being a new model on the market but with limited demand/availability from suppliers.

Pretty decent looking FCU in them though :+1:

They’re still around… :+1:

UAV ME are showing stock of the BF P90 V4s for $180… can definitely confirm they do have fire select.

Just what the hell GBU’s P90 3.5 is that they have listed is anyone’s guess. :roll_eyes: From their description it’s just seems to be a standard V3.

I guess the Cory influence is still making it’s presence felt down there in Southport. :rofl:

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Thanks. Should have asked when I went in there today

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Not sure why they’re emphasising “enhanced charging handles” :man_shrugging:

It’s not like you can have mag prime with that horizontal mag arrangement.


I bought some fandangle mags for the P90 for a friend few years ago. I never heard back how they went :thinking:

Can’t remember what it was special from standard, electric or something, something…

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Yeah, I’m sure you already know, the stock mags are spring preload electric motor jobbies.

I reckon they work well. Very reliable and no feed issues with the V3 I have. My only gripe is the size and shape of the mags… just a bit awkward.

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We do have stocks lol :rofl:

Yep :thinking: I really can’t get enough beer in to me to remember but it was when Zendhou were ripping off people cc fraud and the head of the old forum I bought them for him as I have protections in place for my business I didn’t get fucked.

Can’t remember what was special about them, they were nylon :person_shrugging: I’ll remember one day :rofl:

zhenduo is ripping off people and fraud?..

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Zhenduo were a very well trusted and popular retailer in the Australian Gelblaster community.

But then the world turned to shite during COVID, multiple Australian State Bans, crackdowns from the Chinese Government about what could be built and exported, rule changes with PayPal and other online financial institutions etc etc………

Zhenduo got a massive smash on the back of the head with a baseball bat from all directions :frowning:

Their struggles to find alternative marketing methods and payment systems exposed them to being completely compromised and infected with dodgy “service providers” that completely destroyed their reputation.

Zhenduo as a company/retailer are absolutely 100% a great business, but they suffered from through being hacked and compromised by outside vendors who they were forced into using during those turbulent times.

Yes, it is absolutely true that dealing with Zhenduo became a massive security risk throughout this global pandemic, but it’s definitely not their fault as a highly respected business to be compromised and shamed by forces that were out of their control :frowning:

On the old v3, you could put a switch, diode and wire in and have the charging handle work mag prime. But as you say, was kind of pointless as it primed very quickly anyway. thanks for the in depth review.
Been very keen to see one of these, they are a bit thin on the ground here in Australia atm. I had talked to two people now that own them and are very happy with them. Both said they fixed all the issues with the V3, the mag follower issues is a big fix, as the v3 could always hold loads of gels but was unable to feed about 1/3 of the mag as the follower always bind on a gel near the end of the travel.
My only reason for not getting one is I haven’t seen one for sale, with spare mags at the same time. I only buy a blaster if I can also buy enough mags to be able to skirmish it. I am sure with the positive reception they will be available here soon though.

Yeah, the mag availabilty is a very big consideration, for sure.

Case in point, the Gel Fight VZ61… great little blaster, but can’t buy spare mags for it anywhere. :man_shrugging:

the p90 does look slick ngl.

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Thanks,I’m glad to see your comments and I didn’t expect many of us are talking about BF P90 gel blasters.What a nice community!!

There was that time they ditched Paypal(big mistake) and went with a dodgey payment system that was ripping people off left right and centre for CC fraud.

We all stopped buying and after talking to Zendhou on forum about it was going to be looked in to but kept happening to the unaware as Zendhou withdrew from the Australian market. It was out of their hands according to Z. We all had to contact our banks, cancel cards and reissue etc etc besides the few of us that are better protected and or lucky.

They were ok for some parts in the past. But oh well they come they go.

CHGBB was a real good one way better than Zendhou for the high quality parts at cheap prices and the service was best ever. Quickest delivery and great communication.

WOW seems that I heard some gossip lol.But doesn’t matter,zhenduo left Australia market and now triggertoy is in.We appreciate the trust people put in us.We will refund every order if there is a problem cause by us.So don’t worry,we have great communications with our customers:D


Interesting, just looking at your web page. Looks good. Nice payment options.

Where do you ship from as some of those items our lovely gov will stop at the border unfortunately.

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