Hi People new around here; my son and I have been playing around with some cheap pistols and a few months ago we purchased a Double Bell M4SS anyway what is a good charger/balancer we only have a cheap USB charger it has a red light when charging then the light turns off when charged.

Whenever I check, one cell always seems to be out of balance

Looking for something with a little more info that can balance as well what everyone using any info would be awesome.

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Sky RC b6ac. If you are serious about getting into the hobby and looking after your batteries, get one. They aren’t cheap but have a balance charge option that is recommended, and a storage charge option that if you are not using your battery for a week or longer use that, and it will balance the cells to 3.85v, for optimal storage charge to increase the lifespan of your lipo or li-ion batteries. I have a few lipos that are nearly 5 years old, and still good as I have always storage charged them when not in use.

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Thanks Rocksolid much appreciated :+1:

Handy little video for you, also shows the cheap little digital battery testers that most of us use as well :+1:

They are available in 2 types to suit your requirements.
If you want something for outdoor activities, they have a 12V version that you can use off your car battery…… or if you are going to be doing most of your charging at home, they have a mains power plug in one as well.

Make sure you check which type you want when you order one :sunglasses:


Thanks, guys placed an order for hopefully a genuine Charger

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DocBob has two Imax B6 chargers for sale in the buy/sell/swap category on here… one ridgy didge, the other not so didge.

Probably too late if you’ve already order yours. :man_shrugging:

Thanks mate!
Going to keep the genuine one for possible future NERF ventures, but still have the copy one available, which has always worked faultlessly :+1:

Thanks, Everyone, yes; now sorted, and thanks for the video DocBob it helped a lot.