Closed Down (Retailers) Updated

I wanted to make post that could list all the closed or closing down Gel Blaster stores/Websites and Pending closing stores.

The purpose of this is to keep track of what business are still operating and which are not for reference of the community Please ad/comment any information that can confirm a store is closing.

Retail Stores

M4a1 (Browns Plains) Closed Confirmed
M4a1 (Strath Pine) Closed
M4a1 (Toowoomba) Closed
M4a1 (Burleigh) Closed
M4a1 (caloundra) Closed
M4a1 (seventeen miles rocks) Closed
M4a1 (Harvey bay) Closed
M4a1 (Capalaba) Closed

Jungle Tactical store (Cairns) Closed
Lord of War store (Cairns) Closed

Web stores

GBA (website) Pending maintenance …closed
Lord of War (Website) Pending maintenance …closed

Blaster Bros Closed
Armoury 81 Closed
Jungle Tactical Closed

Guerilla Blasters (field) Closed
AGPS (field) Closed
Toowoomba Skirmish HQ (field) Closed “Pending New Field”
Isis River (field) Closing

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M4a1 Browns Plains is closed

Thanks for the confirmation. Wombat.

Lord of War (website)
Blaster Bros
Armoury 81

All closed.

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Jungle tactical
Toowoomba skirmish hq (field, although the guys who ran it have a new field that’s just passed council requirements)

Great idea to help people out :+1:
Apparently there’s also a few still trading whilst Insolvent/Deregistered ABN’s etc as well :flushed:

Would be great if those with this knowledge could add to this list to save any losses from dodgy Retailers not honouring sales/orders :thinking:

Yuh think m4a1 grew too big for their own good off the initial rush n then realised having so many stores was a terrible idea?


They spent a lot of time and effort getting the AUGs and SIGs done and then they couldn’t get new product after the Chinese restrictions came into effect. Most of their stores closed as rental costs soared with new lease agreements

I swear I remember jungle tactical having a physical store in cairns tried checking out the blasters there when I went to cairns for a holiday but they where closed went to lord of war instead

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Yeah pretty much during the “Gel boom” they opened up stores everywhere but, the quality of items were “very hit and miss” the “tactical style” gear was very cheaply made but, not cheap in price to reflect the quality…people will wake up to this which is what happened.

Additionally they suffered from the typical issues in the retail community for gel blasters. “Unreliable blasters” but, also stock across the board was no different from some other stores and as was said no spare parts … which in the retail market gives little reason to attract new customers.

I remember during a period of six months going to the “M4a1 store at Browns plains” from display blasters working to being out of stock to them not working at all while as a display item because they were literally broken that set off alarm bells for me… but, also its no way to manage a business trying to sell a item that has broken in your hand …to a customer …" I mean i can add up too prick lol".


Far away from when the Wells CQB and MRT released. I still remember lining 20 deep weeks after M4A1 put them up for sale and when come my turn the counter guy was like man it’s only 10am and we’ve sold 100 already this is nuts :rofl: Funnily enough the CQB still works fine with some slight upgrades and so does the MRT :+1:


As much shit as people gives Wells, their AEGs (and the MP5K!) were good little budget priced units if you didn’t absolutely thrash them with stupid springs and ancient, crusty gels.


It’s been closed for a while but M4A1 seventeen miles rocks which I think is where it all started for them.

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Indeed, I went the 300fps Ausgel 1.18 spring alloy head route and not a problemo. Still the stupid Nylon box won’t die LOL. Can’t complain fit and finish were next level at that stage compared to JM and they were on sale for $199. That’s what a blaster is for me, good beaters. Drum mags I was told were shit and no good work flawless as do the mags :person_shrugging: I dunno guess I got a good tuesday batch :rofl:

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Wells were also the first replica style GBB pistols and M4a1 bought them in. Other than the Wells, the only gas pistols were the ones Azreals bought in, and they had problems as well.

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Yeah the APS ones had problems with their O-Rings at the base of the mag, and that the mags had some rattle. But it’s sort of jaywalking to Wells’ arson. Their GBBs should never have been run on CO2, as was evidenced by the cracked slides and pins, everywhere.

On green gas they were probably alright (I never tried it personally), but even then the materials felt gross compared to what APS had.

Unfortunately both my WELLS M4 CQB and PDW9 were only fired once each for testing/reviews and was quickly followed by the bans…… meaning that these, and quite a few others, I was unable to ever enjoy in any good extended use, or muck around upgrading them :disappointed:

I do remember the CQB variant giving me the well known double feeding and several other issues out of the box…… but simply put it straight back in its packaging and never had any opportunity to go back through it again :confused:

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Jungle tactical had a physical store which shut a little while ago and now lord of war has shut its door’s. Not a good day for the cairns community. We have one last gel blaster store in cairns, but it has crazy prices on some stuff and doesnt really have a tech with knowledge that the other two stores had. Atleast i drive through Innisfail for work and can call into the Innisfail store.

Taidi is also closed correct? website seems to function but, the store retail closed .

Online sales are still delivered, and they’re trying to find a new location I believe