Closed Down (Retailers) Updated

Apparently - Jund is run by relative of owner of CYMA

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Ah that clears up the confusion of Cyma’s and Jund’s from years ago and DocBobs red carpet piles of them :laughing:

Hey don’t knock those huge piles of CYMA’s that JUND had manufactured by JUND for CYMA to be able to sell them as CYMA’s :flushed::joy:

CYMA had a good crack at manufacturing and marketing for the Gelblaster Market, but they also eventually came to terms that Blasters were a whole new world of products compared to Airsoft.

Oh the airsoft/gelball Brand and OEM wormhole runs VERY deep.

AW (armourer works) is a different brand, but either is a rebranded WEtech, or an OEM from WEtech, with different shells and they changed the colour of the gas routers.

Double Bell, is good… stick with me… In Airsoft, there was D-Boys, and Kalash, D-Boys made M4s, Kalash made AKs… now they are… Double Bell.

Its like Classic army, and Wells… Classic army basically has a mosfet that fails, in the gearbox that fails fancy pants version of the Wells, that just has the gearbox that fails. China loves to copy and paste, and ambiguously rebrand. It gets endlessly wormholey.

There is a bit of Chinese govt stamping down on unlicensed airsoft production, kicking the workers out of one door; and taking bribes and giving the moulds back at the next door. Or flat out making stuff on the sly in “black shifts” and then selling the thing under another brand.

I was under the impression that Jund was cyma in gelball form… but I do remember the earlier plastic ones were labelled as cyma, then the newer stuff came and it was labelled jund… What blaster do you have? it’s a warhawk… sigh jund…cyma… still don’t know what blaster you have lol. Retail PTSD right there sorry… sell them a cyma m4 mag… an hour later they come back with a cyma AK and want to swap the mag. LOL

You want a mag for a blaster, what blaster “its an M4” deep sigh. I seriously though people would just know what they own, but many don’t. manically laughes in gelball things

It’s literally the same in any retail scenario, I work in a bottle shop and the number of ppl who come in and say something like " I need a red wine for a present"
Ok do you know what type of red wine?
“No, I just know they drink red.”
Sigh well they all taste different depending on the type.
" I just want something nice"
Well that’s doesn’t help in any way without knowing what type you need…

Worst part of the the job honestly, thou in saying that I do have a pretty good record of picking stuff out for ppl.

Just give them something from the Chateau dè Cardboard Range and tell them it’s a very popular Red! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Bulletproof Customs is closed.

It’s always a sad day when anyone involved in this hobby has to shut their doors :worried:

I don’t know what the answer is, the way things are going I’ll be firearmless before I’m dead.

Price of factory ammo has gone through the roof, then if you are reloaders we’ve been fucked for 4 years with no pistol powder or very little of it selling for $500 for a kg. It’s nuts. Like Trailboss and yea pistol/shotgun powder is similar. I have rifles that need to be fed pistol powder like my Lever action.

One club I’m in are buying shotgun factory loads and pulling them apart for the powder to reload their pistols. I wouldn’t recommend it but they know what they are doing and have been doing it for 3 years as AUS has no pistol powder anymore since the French company Thales stopped making it after Howard sold it off the cunt. Was Gov owned.

It would be alright if people were not such fuck heads with firearms like it was in the 70’s and 80’s in Australia.

Same bullshit for gel blasters. Get a few dickheads fuck around. Oh just ban it. :roll_eyes:

Rant off…

Got to love TTs Fakebook advertising - generally what they promote is out of stock

Their stock levels are so low and prices have been lower than any other retailer. Wonder if they are phasing themselves out?

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That’d be my bet going off their stock levels. :thinking: Think they might be concentrating on tapping the US market. :man_shrugging:

Wouldn’t surprise me!

There’s a lot of money to be made in the USA right now, especially if your reputation is completely unknown in an uneducated market :roll_eyes:

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Imagine what would happen over there if they tried their “warranty” antics on with the wrong buyer…

“Oh, you won’t honour the warranty on my faulty Glock 17 gel blaster? Okay, let me introduce you to my real Glock…” :joy:

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Hence the “mail order” buisness model…

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Aussie Hobbies have closed their Brisbane/Archerfield store

Word on the street from the USA is that TaccyToys over there is basically a sinking ship.

They first launched with all the usual Taccy marketing ploys and flash advertising about their “special products”……. which were just TaccyToy rebranded products as usual, but by all accounts have fizzled out pretty quickly.

Apparently stocks are pretty much non-existent and have been for a while, as well as any advertising, parts, customer communications etc all suspiciously gone quiet :thinking:

Maybe they launched too big into an industry that really hasn’t gotten off of the ground yet in regards to popularity and sales numbers?

I couldn’t care less, anything that Corey touches turns to shit.

It’s more likely that air soft has been around for a long time in the USA.
It’s a better product
More choices in weapons
Excepted by the public
90% of the public grew up learning about guns in school ( no not by the mass shootings).
There is actual gun safety classes in primary school. (Friend of mine daughter Just finished here course on gun Ed and she is 11.) don’t you just love Texas.
WOKE Parents can opt out there kids from it .
real guns are sometimes cheaper than both air soft and gel Blasters .
Specially if you buy them from the back alley Emporium were there all one price

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Yeah, put an airsoft blaster next to a gel blaster and you’d have to ask yourself “Why bother?” Especially if they cost roughly the same.

I drool over some of the airsoft shells, knowing that it would take bugger all work to convert and end up with a far superior external shell than the often too flimsy gel blaster offerings we get.

The only reason gel is even getting a foothold in the US is because it’s viewed as a more kid friendly alternative by woke parents…

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Watching some of the Airsoft games in Europe are so over the top .
The locations are amazing.
Love the sniper videos.
And the array of weapon are brilliant.
Saw one using a drone with a Glock strapped to it.
Another with an RPG AND A MINI GUN.