Current project on your bench

Post some pictures and details of your current project (gel related)

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MY current project is swapping out the trigger in my NOVESKE 9.5 because for some insane reason the aztech trigger doesn’t fit snug in an aztech gearbox :thinking:


How do you like the NOVESKE? I ordered the GEN 4 7.94" last week after watching Low Guido’s review.

I was going to buy the Ares as I have only heard good things about them, but went with the NOVESKE after watching the review.


I’m very happy with mine
I’ve had for about a year and half now
All original insides are gone now
Never had a problem with it just upgraded to cnc :+1:


My next project will be getting back to my old WAT/Kublai MK18

it was my first metal blaster a couple of years ago and has been a massive PITA :joy:

I gave up on it as I got sick of constantly ordering/waiting for new parts




Currently dismantled. Installing ChiHai 460, 1.28 Ausgel and longer barrel to get v/e closer to 1.65


Welcome aboard @Wombat
Hope to see some more regulars arriving :pray:


Is that an APS silveredge gearbox?

I have one in my M16 scratch re build

500mm SS 7.3mm brl. Radiused the corners of the gearbox as suggested by others and Ausgel 1.18 spring. Couple years old now and still going, the softer spring helps with it not cracking and good seal with a Wells cyl head and nozzle. Something to look at if was not already on your list of things to do.

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That gearbox looks like a wat/Kublai
Very similar to the aps boxes :+1:

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oh yea the top is different, haven’t played with one of those :+1: thanks

Not a blaster itself, but I wanted an easier way to cart my milsim stuff around for In Country that could also pass as something relatively period correct:

Enter my '42 dated 2" HE mortar box.

Used some of the layers of foam that came with the blasters to build up a few layers and then cut out some space for my M16 mags:

Then another layer for my webbing, canteens, mag pouches, etc:

With just enough room in the top for my pistol case, holster and pistol mag pouch:

Not too bad for a little afternoon project.


Bruh that is one of the most badass kits I’ve seen in a long time. Absolutely love it.

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Ta, I thought it was pretty good for something I knocked together with a few beers and an ammo tin I found on the side of the road on the way home from work a few years ago :rofl:

I’d like to do something similar for my blasters, might have to bust out the year 10 woodwork skills for that.

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Servicing the minigun. Took it on the last milsim at withcott, and there was a constant breeze kicking up some really fine dust. Could hear a bit of a squeaky noise while rotating, so strip down, clean and service the bearing are in order.


Mp40 mags are plastic pieces of poop. Lets down the whole blasters feel.

Recently bought a skd m1911. Hate the hopper, but as far as performance, its pretty damn good, esp for the price. Same guts as the Surge as well. Since I have 4 of them, makes parts swapping easy.
Anyway, I wanted to add a hopup and a bit more fps to mine. Since all the information i wanted was buried in the old forum, a wanted to give a little guidance to help the next person. Apologies, no chrono on hand yet!

First problem is that I couldnt figure out how to open the thing. There is a hidden screw under the grips, and the grips just pop off.

Its a pretty simple blaster inside, but beware opening the gearbox. Theres a few springs that spoing when opened. Pic of gears, minus the tappet spring (correct term?)

Since I couldnt source a ready made hopup, I decided to replace the barrel and add an inner barrel style hopup. The t peice splits down the middle. A bit of heat and prying got it apart. In hindsight, id probably drill the barrel out rather then split to t.
Replaced the barrel with a scrap alloy barrel, about 110mm. The hopup did not fit inside the muzzle of the frame so had to cut out some plastic till I got a snug fit. Stock barrel is a 7.3mm x 83mm.


The stock spring is a 1mm by 73mm. New spring is a 1.25mm, 90mm spring.

All assembled, it doesn’t feel like it lost much for rof, but the effective range has grown 5-10 meters. Exactly what I was looking for.

Now, if anyone has options on a different hopper (Iv got the clear bottle) and a holster, Id be done with this blaster.


M4 mag feed🤣


I do love that! Not sure im ready to tackle that big of a job yet.
When i amass some more loose parts maybe.

The m1911 seal, both nozzle and head could be better. Any easy way to fix thoes?

Re-roll the plunger cup for a tighter fit, maybe space the nozzle rubber forward with an oring :thinking:
Mine was good after doing the plunger, would hold pressure with finger over the barrel

I originally had a full mod guide for doing the M4 mag feed conversion :thinking:


Well, I got back to the hk 53, after a couple revisions and changes to the design I think I am mostly happy with the general look of it.

I had a few problems with the mag release bending and not holding the mags in well enough due to the short magwell, some epoxy and music wire fixed that and I will re do one that looks nicer when I get to it

I also finally finished the t peice and nozzle so now it all works together, I know it feeds and seals some what I just haven’t had the time to properly test and finalise it

Then hopefully I can make a few little changes to the receiver and print a final copy and make it look good