Cyberpunk 2077 dr12 quasar pistol

So, it has arrived😎

In the box.
The pistol
Drum mag
2 small packs of gels
7.4 volt battery
Usual crap glasses😅

First impressions OOTB.
Unique design
Good feeling nylon
Not quite Ambi due to mag not being central, can be done but not as comfortable with my large hands😅

Noting it has an alloy barrel😎
Quickly testing function on small 11.1v

Not having any fresh gels for testing, I used some old over grown Booms for a quick FPS test

Nadda3d hop-ups do sleeve into the front firmly, however upon removal the barrel came out as well . Not showing that it was glued in at all🤔

So unfortunately I will now have to tear it down further :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lots of screws😅
Removing the upper split style does not get you into the gearbox.
More screws underneath with one hidden under the rear side plates that have to be levered off for access

I spy metal bushes!
So hopefully upgrades are possible :crazy_face:

Splitting the entire case and finally we have arrived at the gearbox :+1:
It is a different beast indeed, noting the offset cyl head :flushed:

Also seems to have some sort of fire control board or maybe protection🤔

Just reference pic of the size of the gearbox compared to the barrel and t-piece :sweat_smile:


Damn what a shame. :rofl:

That is different indeed. Cylinder top, is that the mainspring bottom?? Diverts air below the cylinder by the looks. None of the springs line up with the cylinder piston. Dats a weird cat but hey it works. Now bigger springs and 400fps or burn it :rofl: :laughing:


Interesting, my bet is fire control board for the semi/full auto function.

That is the nozzle/tappet return spring

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Very long boy, must be to accommodate Carrot ammo :rofl:

Reminds me of this Airsoft MP7 gearbox.

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Damn that’s very close🤔
Have thrown another longer barrel in, not having any reference I am hesitant to open the gearbox until I have too😅


Thank you! I was hopping this could bridge the gap between pistol and cqb. Comes pre-short stroken even. Has potential if extra mags are available.
Might be limited by spring size looking at that plastic retainer.

Honestly, it would be quicker to open the mag door and dump gels in with a speed loader than swap mags😅
Extra mags are available tho🤔

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Say no more, ordered one with a mag. Should get here in time for a few mods and springtime.
Blue for me!

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Swapped to a longer Ausgel 7.5 barrel and picked up some FPS with fresh booms👍


Liking this, something different :+1:

Hopefully when I do the seals, it should clear 200fps🤔
I did notice another 5fps increase just by putting on the nadda hop-up, so I’m going to have a close look at the volumes .
I only hot glued the last part of the barrel in so it’s easier to do more swaps😬


Hi, do you think it’s possible to add a tracer unit or picatinny rails?

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An adapter would have to be made for the tracer unit, would have to be push fit.
Someone may be able to 3d print a front plate with treaded barrel section :thinking:
Still looking at pic rail options myself :sweat_smile:


this will be my first blaster, i was honestly just thinking about printing a rail out and drilling a couple holes through that outer casing to attach it, do you think if i go a longer internal barrel i could attach one to it that way? i have a little experence 3d printing got any ideas on what a base model should look like?

keep us posted i just purchased two, one for myself and the other for my brother. it’s our intro to the hobby so we are watching for mods

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Was going to do the same with a rail, just gotta pull it down again to make sure the screws aren’t going to interfere with the gearbox first😬
Have other people’s stuff I have to finish first😅
The nadda hop-ups should push straight in on the original barrel

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do you think super glue would be the better option then?