Cyma M4A1 CQB upgrades

Don’t know if it has been already posted but I am wondering what upgrades I should do on my cyma, I know that there are gears and springs and metal v2 gear boxes but what fits? I am a beginner and this is my first blaster and I have no idea what I am doing. Help.

Basically every Gelblaster is exactly the same when it comes down to the standard upgrades that are required, regardless of model or brand name.

Check out this video and apply the same parts and checks to get your CYMA up to the basic levels of performance :ok_hand:

*** EDIT *** Do not ever fit a metal tappet plate into a Gelblaster no matter whatever anyone says!

As a newbie to modding, I’d put gears on the backburner for a while and get your chops up with some easy mods first. Assuming your running nylon gears now (in the orange nylon gearbox), you can get pretty decent performance by looking at some basic areas to improve.

Those boxes are pretty good standard, and it’s advisable to take care of any airseal issues before anything else. Easy to do with upgraded parts. Swapping out the factory piston o ring to a better green or brown o ring and replacing the nylon cylinder head and nozzle with upgraded alloy o ring items should improve compression substantially.

Add a bit more oomph by changing the piston spring over from 1.1mm to a 1.25 unequal spring. You could use an M90 or M100 spring, but the unequal spring will be gentler on your nylon gearset. Your CYMA will easily handle 11.1v lipos, so should be snappy enough for a first blaster.

Those mods should see your CYMA hitting around the 280FPS mark and should be reliable and last a while. I wouldn’t dabble with metal gearsets just yet. The benefit is you can run stronger springs for more FPS but they require correct setting up and shimming. Get it wrong and you run the risk of destroying your gearbox or worse, causing a lipo meltdown because of a seized gearbox and potentially losing your entire blaster.

That is right, I am on nylon gears and the specific gun is this

CYMA Warhawk - M4 CQB Gel Blaster Rifle with hopup - Black - JD100BK – VIPERTAC.

The “Warhawk” is no different than the CYMA/JUND JD100 in the linked video above, just has been given a different name for some reason :thinking:

Any upgrades to any of the CYMA M4’s are the same across the board no matter what they look like or what they are called :+1:

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Yep, what DocBob said. :point_up_2: same gearboxes in the nylon CYMA SCARS for example.

Take your time, do your research (definitely watch the video Doc linked above, Low Guido’s videos on Youtube are really helpful) and don’t get in over your head with unnecessary mods at this point. It’ll just confuse you. Much better to stick to basics and understand how your blaster works so that if a mod or upgrade causes problems you’ll know what to look at to fix it.

We all started out knowing zip, the best way to up your knowledge is experience. Provided you don’t break anything, nothing is irreversible.

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Thank you for your patience, time and understanding!

What is the difference between a mosfet and a standard switch as stated in the review doc bob sent, I have the same trigger issue, will this fix it or not, and what is a cheap one

Standard trigger switches no matter how old the model blaster, including anything from the original Gen8 era right through to modern standard V2/V3 Gearboxes operated off of a mechanical contact switch.

These obviously work fine in standard blasters, but by simply adding 11.1V batteries, heavier springs or upgraded Motors will burn them out very quickly through the increased voltage/amperage/loads imposed upon them.

MOSFETS take the loads off of the trigger circuit that supplies power from the battery to the motor, which greatly improves electrical efficiency and reduces stress associated with the trigger switch.

Back in the old days with my insane “Little Piggy” 430-450 FPS Nylon Gen8 build, I originally replaced the original Gen8 trigger switch with a 10A unit, but even that pretty quickly proved that it wasn’t up to the task at hand.

From there I used my Electronics education and was making my own custom MOSFETS that I squeezed into those old Gen8’s and SKD HK416’s to make them handle extreme power loads to achieve those results without failing……… simple because MOSFETS/FCU’s were totally unheard of in the Gelblaster industry, let alone available to buy online! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Think yaself lucky that this hobby has progressed so far that Leviathan/Perun/T238 products exist on the market as simple plug and play products :ok_hand: