Does anyone have a few reliable vendors for parts that more up to date

Im looking for a few good reliable vendors i can get parts for my gel blasters i live in the states so dont have any bans please let me know

I would suggest getting in touch with @AKgelblaster , as they deal in the USA for blasters and other related items.

There’s also a few Blaster Tech’s over there who can give you advice as to where to find parts suppliers in the USA.

Unfortunately, here in Australia, most of our parts are sourced locally or from online suppliers close to us in the Asia-Pacific region, and don’t really know what countries these suppliers are able to ship their products to directly.

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If they apply the same business ethic stateside that they do here in Australia, these guys should see you right.

They have a solid reputation here in their home country as one of the better suppliers. :+1:

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I’m heavily involved with many of the Gelblaster suppliers and retailers in the USA over the last 12 months or so, and can confirm that X-Force Tactical has gone out of their way here in Australia to organise sales and shipping to many customers in the USA that are otherwise unable to purchase many of the products that are readily available in our country, and very hard to source in their country :ok_hand:

X-Force have been my main go-to supplier since 2017, and is great to know that even though they have tried to expand into the US market, they still can’t supply the majority of products available here in Australia in their American markets……… so @Vas has been doing a great job replying to requests via email to help American customers to be able to purchase/ship Australian only products to them overseas :+1:

Hello @Jondgb

Hope you have a blasting weekend ahead and thanks @DocBob for the introduction.

Welcome to join the band. Are you searching around for parts?

Could you have a bit introduction of your blaster (such as the model or the link) and goal (improve fps/rps/accuracy). We may not have all but hopefully can give you some ideas!


Like Doc Bob said AKgelblaster is the site to check out, they have high quality gels, blasters and parts. Im a gel blaster tech here in the Us and if i cant get anything from them which is rare I’ll order from some airsoft companys like The Real Deal or Airsoft Atlanta… when buying airsoft parts I tend to mostly buy cylinders, pistons, and sometimes motors…


@MasadaGbTech thanks and welcome to join! Time to Introduce yourself! Introduce Yourself!