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Seen something that doesn’t look right? please post it below!

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I’ve seen images uploaded that have more horizontal length get squished?
Original size is displayed when long hold on image.
Not sure if across pc & mobile.

Make the Forum logo have a transparent background, messes up the dark mode option as is.

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@Orzo do you have an example?

First two images for example: Introduce Yourself! - #2 by Maiphut

Fine for me :person_shrugging: might be across different platforms.

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Does it look like this?

Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 1.59.19 pm

Are you on a phone or desktop?



Weird :thinking:

Is that safari or the app?


Good idea. I’ll clean up the pic and give it to the council for approval.

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as far as I can see it was fixed, but now the thing where you scroll down a thread and it goes into the smaller logo isn’t working. Will have to iron out a few bugs during these early days.

@2ARM2 can you please do a hard refresh to see if you get it?

I’m seeing it on my end so it’s likely the cache.

That would be your phone screen resolution, have a play see if you can change it to 1080p or something. You may be on widescreen resolution. Might help anyway.

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Hey Jazzy, I have a question about uploading pics.
Used to upload to the post and then usually set the size to 75%. After posting you could click on the pic in the post and expand it to 100%. Now you can’t seem to expand any of them. I"m using desktop.


@HelterSkelter I have noticed this too. It’s currently using the default image loader so I suspect the old forum was using an image gallery plugin.

It’s on my list of things to look into and will ping you when it’s ready to test. :+1:


Ah yes, my bad, all good now.

Do you mean the resizing under the image? I can still see that?

For example at 100% and 50% respectively:



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Yeah, I can see that when I upload the pic into my post. That’s when I used to set it to the percentage I wanted. That still is the same. It’s when the post goes into the thread that you can’t expand it. I think I’ve tried all the pics on here, and none work.
Looks like @AFX is on the job. See what he comes up with.

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