Gas recoil blaster questions?

I could find one for electric blasters but not gas, sorry if i missed it…

Anyway, Should my Wetech gas blowback pistol lock the slide back when i’m out of gels? Rarely does it but it has once or twice.
Also mine had the annoying issue with the slide lock not staying put and coming loose when fired, easily fixed by adding a small groove for the retaining spring locating pin to sit in.

IS there anything i can do to ensure my slide locks back when empty?


They are a bit hit and miss. You only need a small remnant of a gel in the slot on the magazine and they won’t lock back.

My WeTech will lock back if I rack the slide but doesn’t have enough energy to cycle far enough rearward when firing. I’m only running red Abbey gas so 14oz gas might make it cycle better


In addition to the stuff Wombat said, you need to pay particular attention to how this pin attached to your follower is looking.


It pushes up onto the slide lock, and nudges it in the way, so that it catches the slide when it next cycles. If you get gel debris or grease caught in there, it can get clogged and stop it from actuating.


My mag has a small tab, it’s clean and dry and in the blaster it looks fine, it’s clean, no debris so doesn’t look like there’s anything i can “fix”.

My mag was leaking quite badly so i took it back today to get fixed, I showed them that the slide lock came loose but they say that’s how they are… I told them i saw the fix for it on line and he said “do that when it’s out of warranty and let me know how you go”…

I also discovered that with no gas leaks in the mag and a smear of grease on the seal where it feeds into the chamber i get a much heavier punch from it.

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Certainly helps to have full gas pressure in the mag and lubricated seals…… will have everything working as designed for much better performance and reliability :ok_hand:

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So after having a good look at mine and understanding how it works i pulled it apart to make sure there was no gel residue or anything else. I made sure it was spotlessly clean and applied copper grease to the slide surfaces and reassembled.

I figured that i was probably just not smacking the magazine home with enough force so i tried that, issue resolved, the slide locks back when the mag is empty, outstanding!

Thanks for the pic, it really helped me understand what to look for and how it works.


I’ve also got a problem with the slide on my WeTech.

It’s the Glock 17 (gen 3 I think). Aside from some feeding issues, it cycles fine. However, if I cycle it manually, there’s a hitching point when the slide hits some resistance going both ways. It’s harder to overcome that hitch than the tension in the recoil spring.

After tearing it down and inspecting it, I can’t personally see what’s catching it. Maybe I don’t know what I’m looking for, I’ll post some pictures shortly, hopefully you can see something I don’t

I clean and regrease it after every game I use it as well.

I wonder if that hitch is contributing to my feeding issues, or if the gels I feed it are oversized.

Thanks gang.

Here’s the photos

Excuse the grubby keyboard, its had years of dust and grease collecting on it in the workshop!

So at the back of your grip there you’ve got a few different things that it might be.

Right to left, the slide needs to:
Reset the trigger with the black switch
Push down the hammer in the middle
Reset the striker I think? With the silver notch on the left. Make sure all of them are working properly, and not sticking.


I’ve pulled it apart again and gave that assembly you mentioned a press and manual action. As far as I’m aware, it seems to be moving fine.

When I manually cycled the slide again and let it hang on that ‘hitch’ position; pressing down on the slide roughly above where that assembly is did release the slide from the hitch.

That makes me think something is getting caught on that assembly.

Makes me want to pull that assembly apart to see if anything is stopping any of that assembly from fully depressing properly. Is that worth doing or am I likely to do more harm than good?

Thanks for the help so far!

Before you do the hard to disassemble stuff, maybe it’s easier to make sure everything’s okay in the top half, as it’s more of a drop-out unit.

I wonder if this spring is maybe causing things to go a bit wonky, making it harder for the action to cycle?


You might also have over-greased, having too much can gum up the works as badly as having too little.

I think the quality of the photos I uploaded aren’t quite up to snuff. That’s not a spring, just wear from parts rubbing against each other.

When assembled, that wear would come from rubbing against this part:

Not sure what I can do about it. I’ll get some degreaser through that assembly tomorrow, hopefully it will dislodge or breakdown any obstruction.

EDIT: I could not see that spring down there. My eyes aren’t up to snuff either! Ignore that ^. I’ll have a poke around

I poked around, that spring retains and reseats the gas nozzle after firing, kind of like a return spring in an AEG

It should be seated in a little channel I think, and not poking out like that. Might as well reseat it while you’re poking around :laughing:

Done my best to reseat it with a sewing needle, not quite sure how to expose the mechanism, no visible screws as far as these eagle eyes can see :sweat_smile:

I’ll degrease the trigger assembly and try a full tear-down. Maybe some dried gel is forcing that part I marked earlier up.

There’s a screw holding the rear sight to the whole BBU assembly/back plate etc. Just remove that one screw and the thing should drop out cleanly if you hold it level, the right way up. It may need some coaxing, though.

Could it have anything to do with the slide release assembly that activates after the last gel fired to empty the mag. Make sure there are no burrs on the pin shaft or the holes it goes through.
Just a wild thought.

We have 2 WETech gas blowback pistols, and the magazines are good, they don’t appear to leak gas, although one has been a bit problematic (fixed by WAT Int) I’ve submerged them in water and no leaks.
They both expel a major amount of gas when fired though, both guns, with either mag, any idea what the issue could be?
I’m thinking that firing quickly in cool weather might freeze the valve or seal and cause it?

Any input is much appreciated.

Most likely issue if both blasters are unmodified is the nozzle valve spring. The weight of this spring dictates how fast the nozzle closes off and then directs the gas to blowback and reset the blaster. I had a we g19 that was doing as you described and changing the nozzle valve spring to a generic spring that appeared heavier than the standard spring solved the issue.

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All I ever use on my GBBs and never have sticking issues…

Very lightweight silicone oil designed to keep components lubed and allow unrestricted movement… easier to wipe off than grease come cleaning time plus less likely to attract and hold dirt than grease. Also much better for your o rings and seals which grease won’t really get to.

If it’s recommended for real steel, that’ll do me. :+1:

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