Gbbr how to replace bolt release

Hey guys.

I have an issue with my gbbr where its not catching with the bolt catch on empty. I believe the catch is possibly brothen due to pushing on the bolt release will not hold the bolt back. My issue is, how do i replace the catch? All videos online dont show removing this piece. I would appreciate if someone can send pictures on how so i know what to do.

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It would be hard for anyone to advise you without knowing which GBBR you’re enquiring about.

Give us a little more detail on it, maybe your location so you can be pointed in the right direction for spare parts and perhaps someone on here may have the info you’re looking for.

Follower on magazine that actuates bolt catch not broken? Assuming you only have 1 mag though. If happens all mags disregard.

It happens on all of the mags sadly

Sorry for the slow reply.

Its a golden eagle i believe its the MC6619M. When i got it the original owner did modify it with aftermarket handguards and short stoked it.

Won’t lock back if short stroked?

According to the guy that i got it off of. It was working fine before i got it.

I gotten the bolt release ordered already to replace it incase that is the issue. I suspect it may be a spring or something in the bold release thats causing it

Your offhand not anywhere near the bolt catch/release lever upon firing. :thinking:

A possible problem with the limited details.

No my hand isnt near the bolt release. I found how to replace the bolt release but thats not the issue. Sorry its hard to give alot of detail.

Is it possible for the bolt to wear down where the release catches?

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Yes it is and be easy identifiable by visual inspection.

So that didnt work but oh well. Im now trying to find a different barrel due to the IB is a touch too short for the hopup to be touching, any opinion on this one?I need about a 50cm to fit inside the OB INTEGRAL HOP-UP INNER BARREL 7.2 ID – MASTR BLASTR

No idea myself sorry. Hopefully someone else chimes in.

Your all good mate, i ordered one anyway just out of curiousty on how it will go. I will come back with my findings when it comes which hopefully friday so i can run it properly on sunday

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Just an update on the barrel. I believe it hasnt been shipped. But both the shop app and mastr blaster themselves cannot make up their mind on if its shipped. The shop app says its awaiting shipment. MastrBlaster says both that the order has been fulfilled and order has been confirmed.

I have tried messaging and calling the store but no answer to either. today has been a week since i have ordered the barrel. i will wait till tomorrow and if there isnt any answer i shall start seeking to get a refund

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Bugger, he used to be on the old forum. Small one person shop I believe.

Order fullfilled… does that mean sent? or what, bit vague.

I called and spoke to him today. He is a really nice guy. He closed his physical store and still has the internet store.

He did send the barrel and doesnt know why it didnt update. He was very apologetic and updated the order. It is a one person shop.

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Good to hear you made contact :+1:

Update finally!

I have gotten the new IB. i did have to adjust the hop more. Accuracy is great using goat balls. I have not sorted the gels so its not as accurate as it can be. Installing it into the golden eagle was a little difficult but it wasnt to hard. Honestly, i will probably look at getting more for other gel blasters

Now that you’ve got it (which is good to hear) give us a bit of a run down on it. :thinking:

Looking at it on the link I’m trying to work out how secure that adjustment collar is on the end of it.

Does it screw on or is it a friction fit? Is it solid, because if that puppy rattled off and got lost it would pretty much make the hop feature of your IB pretty redundant. :man_shrugging:

In any event, good to hear you weren’t stiffed on the purchase. :+1:

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Same, give us a review of it please.

Looks like it’s ribbed on top and has something to do with it.

See this too OP Tac Metal Hop-up integrated Aluminum Alloy Inner Barrel – WAT INT