Is legit?

Hi I am new to gel blasters and stumbled upon this website :

May I know if this is a reliable website? As I could not find any reviews on it.

Welcome to the group! :+1:

Not familiar with any of the UK based blaster companies being in Australia (most of us in here are, Queensland mostly).

But we’re getting a good mix of internationals joining in so hopefully someone UK based will share their experience with this particular vendor with you.

FWIW, the webpage looks legit, prices seem reasonable… although I wouldn’t pay AU$330 for a Bing Feng Type 95… :rofl:


Im from the UK and I’d also like to know the site looks good theres no other uk site like it.

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It’s hard for us to comment on that UK based gel blaster seller. :man_shrugging:

Here in Oz some vendors treat the industry like the Wild Wild West and make up their own rules of trading… it’s very much buyer beware here and you have to be prepared to stand your ground with some to get what you’re entitled to. looks legit enough, really can’t say if their prices are fair not knowing your local UK marketplace.

In the spirit of sharing knowledge and experience we’d encourage any non-Australia based member to report on any buying experience in their own local area… others may have a need to know. If you do buy from them, share your story, good or bad. :+1:

One if this forum’s greatest assets is word of mouth info… many an unsuspecting buyer has dodged a bullet by hearing about some other unfortunate’s tale of woe with a prospective seller on here… or simply which blasters to avoid. It’s how we separate the rotten fruit from the yummy. :wink:


Hello, mathew here.

I own BlasterMasters uk, rest assure we are very really and do our best to impress.

Please feel free to mail us and we will do our best!!

Kind regards
Mathew | sales


Welcome to the group, Mathew. :wave:

Nice to see a UK based retailer on here to give our UK members a bit of guidance. :+1:


Welcome @Blastermastersuk , great to see you joining us here on this Forum :+1:

I can assure that comments from our members here were of a positive nature after checking out your business website that was queried in the comments, which I also checked out myself, and was very obvious that you are running a legitimate business :white_check_mark:

We all tend to have a pretty good nose for dodgy retailers around here amongst our members, purely from many years of experience with the very best and very worst that can be found in this hobby/industry.

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Hello :raised_hands::pray: thanks for having me. I was doing some work on the site and came across our name so have to have a look. :sunglasses:

Pleasure to be here and what a very exciting / draining sport we find out selfs in.

Always happy for a chat.

We ship all over so if your ever in dought consider us an ally :closed_lock_with_key:

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