JINGJI PDX GEL BLASTER-Anyone have any reviews?

Hi, I am new to the forum and have only played a few games with my son. I am looking for a high end metal blaster as I am a FIFO dad and want to do something right for his birthday. I am looking to buy this from Tactical Gel blasters for $550, at that price is there another gun I should be looking at? Is there a better place to buy this type of gun? I commute to and from Brisbane to Anchorage Alaska. I know I can buy everything for 35% off in the USA, however, I don’t want the stress of losing it on arrival in customs.

Any input would be most appreciated.



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Do you mean Tactical Edge or X-FORCE tactical by chance? Can’t say I’ve heard of a "Tactical gel blasters " before.

Those two are the more reputable retails in Aus at least .
Double Bell make some great ootb blasters and offer quite a few premium blasters, in saying that getting an expensive one as a first blaster probably isn’t the best idea, it’s good to start with something cheaper, DB have a $250 range that are great if you don’t intend to mod them internally.

Reason being you’re not gonna be as upset if you accidentally break something that’s $250 compared to over $500. Also if you end up deciding this hobby isn’t for you you’re not out of pocket as much.

Best to start of on the budget end then if you feel good about the hobby then make the plunge into more expensive kit.

That my perspective at least.


Many thanks for your input… The place I found has a shop in the Gold Coast but operates online.

I bought him something cheap, but it was a bit too cheap, so I want to do something to redeem myself:)

Uh… don’t buy from them - prices are inflated.

That’s even before asking yourself why you want this particular one?

My criteria is rather simplistic. I want it to look real, so metal alloy outer is a must. Shoot 300 fps, and work out of the box. I work in China/USA so there are plenty here that are cheap, but mailing them back to Australia is a headache of government paperwork which I do not understand.

Best bet is to look over some of the reputable retailers’ websites rather than take a stranger’s recommendation:

https://tacticaledge.com.au/ (they’re having a sale)
https://www.ihobby.com.au/ (near perpetual 15% off)

Another retailer I’m linking because they’re having a sale is https://www.tactoys.com.au/ but they’ve had issues with warranty and inflated prices too.

There are others, but I’d only use those if there’s nothing else that catches your eye.

Many, many thanks. New to the game so just googling random options. I think you just saved me several hundred:)

For what it’s worth X-Force Tactical may not be the cheapest but they do have great customer service and after sales warranties, etc.

They won’t sell bad gear and have a great reputation in the industry… good online reviews of their stock on Youtube as well.

That said, if bucks are an issue (sounds like they’re not but why not save a bit if you can?) the previously mentioned sellers are pretty solid. If it’s an online purchase it’s also worth checking out iHobby and UAV ME too.

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Nicely put @BME :wink:

I used Google translate to read the post but didn’t think to reply using same. :+1:

We’re gonna have to change your forum title to “Master of Linguistics” :rofl:

He probably used Google translate for that too, and it probably makes little sense to then like it does the other way :joy:

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Hello Bruce…
Hope all is well.

Dont mind us Aussies, we all get a bit silly, around here, at times…!!

If you want, to get a “starter” metal blaster for your son, i would reccomend a Classic Army blaster…

These have a reasonable pricepoint, good performance, and a metal exterior… around the $320 AUD …

Check out tactical edge…

or this…

Good , solid performers… at a reasonable price point…!

He should fit right in

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Many thanks, I can see that $550 is a ridiculous price point to start at, typical FIFO dad guilt:)

For those prices, I can get myself one too.

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I was forced to forward that about ten times:)

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Always pays to shop around, matey! :wink:

One thing we do know about this industry is that prices vary wildly between sellers for the same blaster… everything from a bargain through to an absolute rip off. :rofl:

Although the rip offs tend to be the domain of the obscure sellers. Mainstream vendors with a good reputation, not so much. :+1:


Classic Army? @BME how could you bro :face_vomiting: Proprietory magazines and weak gearboxes. Even tac edge aren’t importing them once they sell stock that’s on their inventory. Try getting a gearbox for their PDX once it breaks, nope. Rocking horse shit is easier to find.

Go Double Bell, SRC or E&C.

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