LeHui MP9 Review (short gat, short review)

Recieved my MP9 last week and have the following observations.


  • Its well made, no rattles at all which is suprising for a blaster.
  • The nylon body feels very nice.
  • Its small! A really nice compromise in size i felt. The foldable stock is solid and actually pulls into the shoulder nicely, at the right length for my grip at least.
  • It was cheap - $149 at the time.


  • FPS - averages 152 fps in my chrono tests. Tactical Edges ad says 200 fps+.
  • The retailer - I am so sick of these pricks lying. I would not have bought it knowing it was so weak shooting, even though it was the replica factor that most interested me. Another dodgy lot to add to my shit list and dump on here for eternity.

Note: tried both ultra hard gels and some larger, softer orange ones (unknown brand)

Some photos:


Ive been getting 180-190 fps, on gels that have been sitting for awhile.
Maybe theyve swollen a little.

I’ll try some fresh ones, and see how they go.

Similar levels of performance from mac-10 / BFmp-7…

Any luck getting a partial refund…??

Dissapointment level decreases, as refund level increases…!!

Thanks for the review and peek into the LH MP9. :+1:

It’s always a bit of a letdown when something doesn’t measure up performancewise.

I wouldn’t be too disappointed with the average FPS though… you’d know something that tiny is going to be running a pistol gearbox and any non-GBB pistol is going to be struggling to get much over 180FPS by design. Never going to get high figures out of one, certainly not like an AEG rifle.

Maybe try WI Heavy milkies in it… they’re usually on the bigger side. Have you measured up your inner barrel to see what you’re working with?

It’s a very cool piece though, and looks really good… I’d be proud to add one to my collection of SMGs just on the appearance. :wink:


Im getting around 190 fps from mine…

Older , slightly swollen gels, so that helps.
Try larger diameter gels, and leave them soak for a bit…

Its also worth mentioning, the mp-9 comes with 2 sights.
one is a top mounted, pops open red/green dot system, the other is a side mounted , adjustable laser pointer.

We know how good ebay cheapies are, and these are included free… :rofl: :rofl:

More about dressing the blaster up, which it does…

oh, yeh forgot about the sights! Didnt test … just chucked them in the parts box.

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