Lh aug v3 gear box

Hi , just purchased a LH aug and was wondering what gear box parts are compatible, gears , plunger, cylinder, ext ext .

Should take just about any standard part except trigger and maybe motor.

Someone who knows more about them should show up soon thou.

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I know @Maiphut has a LH AUG, not sure if it’s modded though.

Just about to build my second LH AUG… Gearbox wise it’s all pretty much Gen 8. I think the nozzle is proprietry, can’t remember from my first build although it looks Gen 8. The t piece is definitely proprietry.

I just bought one too and when it gets here it’s getting a 460 short shaft high torque motor, metal gears, stronger tappet spring, 100% cylinder, upgraded cylinder head and nozzle, good ol’ greenie o ring, M100 spring, alloy IB, and a steel shorty outer barrel. Plan to run it on 7.4v lipo, not looking for high ROF with it. Motor’s only 18,000rpm anyhoo.

If you don’t want to go too far, a 100% cylinder with a better o ring, an M90 or 1.18 unequal spring and an alloy IB should get you around the 270-280 mark.

Hope to get over 300 with mine… should do. :+1:

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Hi , where can I purchase the short outer barrel.

Hi , what length is the short outer barrel was it a screw in or push in with a screw to attach. Isa photo possible, do you know where I can purchase this item from. Cheers

Assuming you’re in Queensland,

Azreal’s Armoury… the cheapest at $10

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This might help you out…


Thank you , I just purchased that , good price to :wink:

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Hmmm… what DID you do to your AUG to warrant that impressive optic? :thinking:

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Lots of things :rofl: all toast in the old forum and documented there.

Afaik nothing is Gen 8 related or fits. It’s a LH V2/V3 of their own hybrid.

Has it’s own specific Cylinder head and nozzle which is hybrid. Aluminum was available and made a huge difference out the gate so try find that. I had a look on ebay not there anymore, might find on Ali. Usually blue anodized.

You’ll want one of these LH AUG MOSFET – MASTR BLASTR he bought a heap going out of business. Easier and quicker than ali. Been ok by the bits I have purchased, poo pooed by some others in the past.

Try and keep to a 1.18mm spring and 2s you’ll have no problems. I went the 2nd fet mod to take the load off the board on mine yet the board still fried due to a meltdown on the mag side of the board which the 2nd fet mod does not cover. :roll_eyes:

I have a V3 alloy gb and Aug specific t238 to go in next time it breaks but thus far it has been going ok. On the to do list. No I’m not telling @JazzyWard what colour the GB is or be trying to buy it off me :rofl:

Printed t pieces are shit, go with standard. Put a ss 450mm 7.3mm barrel in full cylinder, alloy head and nozzle ,1.18mm, 300fps all day :+1:

I’ll try help if any questions, been through it about 100 times. It can be fiddly on the interior bits like the cycle counter, cross block but you get used to it. Take your time.


It’s push in and secured same way as standrard with a pin. I had to file mine a bit to get it right. Mine was also $70 back in the day :rofl:

Solution I came up with for the foregrip was M6 shs with couple washers, and a Nyloc nut. That bastard pin will never fall out again.


Yep, I stand corrected on that gearbox… my bad, it’s more of a V3, not Gen 8.

I guess the memories will all come flooding back when I yank that box up out of the next one. :laughing:


Isn’t the main fiddly fact that those cylinder heads are the old larger Gen8 size nozzles and not the later V2/3 smaller Airsoft sized versions?

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I’ll let you know about that nozzle when I tear mine apart in a few days.

It’s gotta get here first… :laughing:

I believe gen 8 size rubber, but length and stroke very different.

Good luck, it’s out of stock :rofl: I’ve also used a Kriss mosfet when Aug specific boards were not available. Easy as just need a knife.

Yeah, old school trick for new players.

I love the Gen8 sized nozzles…. the only reason why I could get 500-530 FPS out of my old “Little Pig” and SKD HK416 Gen8 blasters.

That huge nozzle size was the only thing that set them apart from performance characteristics with the newer model Airsoft sized nozzles where it came down to gearbox and barrel size outputs.

There’s nothing like a large Gen8 sized nozzle feeding a quality proper sized barrel with the correct Volume Ratio applied into the equation.

This was the very first time when I realised that the Old Testament Volume Ratio calculated fell flat on the floor :frowning:

All previous data and parts recommendations for Gelblasters were suddenly irrelevant when new V2/V2.5/V3/V.5 etc gearboxes were released.

The old school system was outdated and never upgraded to apply the new technology that was being introduced.

It still stands true in the technical calculus of setting up a decent gel blaster, but the specific design details have not yet been refined.

I still laugh about it all somewhat, because it is only a guide, which has been proven false throughout many different individual builds.

It’s an awesome base model, but it is not the bible written in stone……… modern blasters are built/modified way above and beyond those original guidelines.

Nothing old school about it, was Lehui mix and match of everything that ended up being a fairly solid box. Acryllic is the problem so if you go heavy spring it will crack. The shot counter on the side are poorly wired with mouse dick wire and fail. Besides that it works.

I do remember that not having a trigger assy to worry about meant that opening that gearbox up was a bit of a joy… that and the easy removal from.the receiver shell. :+1:

I ran a full length 7.3 IB in my first one, trying to chase perfect VE but ended up cutting it back about 15cm. It was pretty accurate and had that clean pop you hear when your VE is close to optimal.

I also remember having to shift the t-piece by moving the back end of the outer barrel a mm or two rearward… I’m assuming they’ve addressed that issue. Out of the box my first AUG was hitting about 100FPS on the chrono. 250 after modding with a 1.18 unequal.

Shame the case is clear acrylic, but I guess if you buy old school blasters you’re going to get old school tech and materials.