Liver let Die...PPK review..(Or, Hitler wouldn't suicide with anything less!)

" Are you a madman dictator??
Plans of world domination, falling apart??
Are the walls closing in, faster than allied forces, on your bunker??

Suicide your only way out??
Dont trust just Cyanide, to do the job??
Wanna go out with a trendy death, using a nationalistic weapon??

You need a Walther PPK!!! ( Powerfully Penetrate Kranium)

This small, but sleek weapon, will save you from the consequences of your actions, and avoid embarrasing war trials.

Small and sleek, your suicide will forever grant infamous status to this weapon, and see it in the hands of James Bond…!!

Dont delay, act today, order now…!!

WARNING: use of this product may hasten your entry to hell.
Yes it is a real place, you will burn there forever for your sins, even more so for taking your own life.
Should have gone to art school, instead…


Ok, here we go…
All in all, not a bad little unit for $130.

The black is much nicer looking,than the silver. (much like the KEle kimbers).
The mag holds 9 hardened gels, and performance is around the 170 fps mark.
Being lower fps, it actually is accurate, over its 15-20m of travel.

Construction is good, the racking is a little stiff, ive used a bit of lube to loosen it, hoping it will wear in, with a bit of use…


Here is a size comparo, with my old denix…

This looks to be a copy of the PPK-L, even though its marked PPK-S.

As the styrofoam shows, the gel version is slightly longer fore and aft, and the mag protrudes further.
Like the denix, the safety switch is non-moveable.

This allows the gel version to stand upright, on its base.
I do prefer the smaller denix version, it really feels like a uber compact pistol, but, whatever… it is what it is.

All in all, i’d rate this a 8 out of ten, though thats mainly for my preference for the smaller model.

I know Vas was looking at bringing in a gas version, if it was the compact version, i’d consider it.

Failing that, if you like the classics and aren’t fussed on S/L size, this is good value for a gel version.

Cheaper than the denix, feels good in the hand, and detail level is pretty good…
Just go for the black version…

Keep one handy…when abscheuliche südliche tote Tintenfische come creeping, you will be prepared…!!! :rofl: :rofl:


REAL WORLD DISCLAIMER: Suicide is a horrific event. I would normally never joke about it.

It is a devastating choice, that effects so many lives, not only the person that takes theirs.
The grief, devestation, and misery it causes is horrendous.

Most people know of someone, who has done it.
Everyone in life goes through struggles, regardless of age, sex, finances, position in life etc.

If anyone is struggling, please get help.

Having said that,

  1. hitlers use of the PPK for his suicide, is fact and of historical significance, which is why I mentioned it.

  2. I don’t think anyone shed a tear over hitlers suicide, he was a madman that inflicted genocide on the world, killed millions, and revealed the end form , of the ultimate expression, of hate.

These are the two reasons why, in this instance only, i made a joke of it.


I must say, I like these “well made springers”.

The fact you can pick up a quite reasonable copy, of popular models, is good.

Manual springer pistols are usually cheapo plastic crap, at the $30 price point, its good that you can now get pretty reasonable versions around the $120 mark.

KEle etc should do quite well, they are more affordable for those on a budget.

If they are struggling doing a gas Luger, maybe a springer version would be on the cards…


Dang, think I need to go to rehab after reading all that :rofl:

Thanks for the showcase of the PPk … Tooheys, not shaken, not stirred.

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" I say, Ms Moneypenny…
Lets get you out of those wet clothes, and into a dry Martini…"


Couple of other points…
I’m trying to take off, the bottom base of the mag.
That will get rid of the bottom wedge, and make it overall more compact.

Also,… with the hammer down, it has a red pin from the rear.
This shows if its actually cocked, or not…

Would have been good, if the safety (even only) moved.

The KEle Kmber, has working grip safety, and lever safety as well.
Pretty good, for a cheap price point…

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Ah, damn you @BME :wink:

And there I was ready to spring for a Beretta92…

Now you’ve got me thinking I need a Walther to go with my black tux, Bollinger '59, bad puns and my silver birch DB5. :roll_eyes:

Yeah, the current crop of manual springers are leaving us a bit spoiled for choice. Some of the KELe pistols have impressed me. :+1:

Similar feel as the GBBs, albeit a lot less performance, and around 1/3 of the price of entry. Even the full metal M92 is pretty cheap at $144, the nylon version with metal slide’s sitting at $114.

I will say though… the Colt .45 Peacemaker has the same performance characteristics as the Colt Python… as in, severe prostate problems. But then again if we wanted hard hitters we’d buy GBBs.

Bad puns, you say…??

Do, what you must…after all…

“You only live twice”…and, smurf is…
“The man with the golden gun”
a ppk would be…" A view to a thrill"
squiddy would want it, but he comes " From Russia, with love"

It’ll take him awhile to get here, so he’ll have to " Die another Day"
Boot him, out of the plane, and he’ll have a “Skyfall”…
But, without a M-60, he’ll have " No Time To Die"…
And, after all… its " For You Eyes Only…"

My humour is an acquired taste, but, i hope…appreciated…!! :rofl: :rofl:

Just get one.!

Lets talk grip girth…

Forget…“Honey…do these jeans make my butt, look fat…???” (loaded question)

Its, “Honey…does this mag ,make my grip look fat…??”

Aww…hells no…!!

Don’t you be looking, at some skinny white girl, in her skinny jeans…!!

But seriously, the slimmer mag , on the denix, adds to the “overall feeling of compactness”…

“No, dear, your just as lovely, as always…!” (non specific response!!)

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Wow… quite a difference. The grip plates look a fair bit thicker too…

Just remember, the immortal words…

Of Sir-Mix_Alot…

“I like big Butts, and I cannot Lie”…!! :rofl:

Its all about individual taste…!

kim kardashian, of kompacts…!! :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Aw I was going to spend some $ after I read the review - sold out at ihobby. It’s a sign I need to save.

Cough Cough, hack hack…


i didnt think this would be spas-12 level popular…

Nah, my FOMO’s not that bad for the PPK.

Ok as a Bond fan you get 10 points for that one :clap:

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