M41A Pulse Rifle……Nerf to gel conversion

The victim of more insanity!:sweat_smile:
The M41A pulse rifle…. Nerf version!

This thread contains vigorous butchering and dremelling of both blaster body and gearbox!


First a tear down of the shell and internals to see what we have to work with and lay a gen8 gearbox on there to see how to make this fit🤔

Finding out that a Cyma metal outer barrel fits perfectly in the existing supports is a bonus :sunglasses:

One side has had the internal structures removed to allow the gearbox to fit in snugly👍
I also removed the trigger and switch area from the gearbox to allow for fitting.:sweat_smile:
Don’t worry, I have done this before with the Frankendeagle and it will be closed back in with alloy for reinforcement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Trigger switch will be relocated and custom trigger installed.

The width of the body seems perfect to close well on the gearbox :+1:

More to come of course👍
Just have to deal with a little problem first.


You mean to say, that,
A remotely generated, electrical PULSE , will cause this gel RIFLE, to fire…??

Sounds about right…!! :rofl: :rofl:

Dont worry about that problem…
You can keep working…
Thats what sentry guns are for…!!


Those kids will ruin your plans every time :rofl:

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Not Gonna Lie…

This one came up pretty well…

And, at this price, i may consider selling one of mine…they were $950 new, in 2008…

Thats over $9000.00 , in AUD…!!

So a little more progress!:grin:
Got the mag figured out with all the bloody parts I have laying around in boxes, just have to close the top in properly and cut in a full door (gen8 style)
It lines up and locks in anyway :sweat_smile:
HLF upper bonded in one side, gen8 feed assy that screws in the lower. Will use the HLF terminal plate to supply power.:+1:



You just know I’m makin’ notes on this build yeah? :laughing: :laughing:

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I thought about converting one to gel, but then the other hundred projects I’m working on got in the way… :laughing:

They’re a surprisingly accurate replica, considering they’re a Nerf Toy…and now I have too many of them… :sunglasses:

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There’s a few guys on the discord wanting these, but at the price for an under powered nerf gun it’s a bit ridiculous🤔

Wash your mouth out.

You can never, have too many pulse rifles…!! :rofl::rofl:

What are selling them for, on discord…??

A few people said they were interested if I was going to convert them😅

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I’m not into Nerf and only got them to paint up and show. The plan was to buy as many as I could, paint, weather, badge and with a stand make some nice coin off them.

I painted 2, then lost interest.

I never saw the value in them because you’d have to love Nerf and love Aliens, sounds like a small market to justify the development. I read somewhere it was a pet project at the senior level of the Nerf makers and never made their money back.

At $200 they’re not a bad replica, once they get painted, weathered etc.

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I paid $140 for mine on pre-order, I’ve seen some for sale on ebay for $400+…

Opportunists much?? :joy:

I’d reckon that would be pretty much spot on.
The rest of the world , has had a/soft pulse rifles, for a while now…

That’s enough to satisfy , most pulse rifle fanboys…

It wouldn’t surprise me, that it was a pet project, from nerf…

It’s only here in OZ, where we can’t get get a/soft, that the shells would be sort after…

And China too…

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Any more updates…??

And, the ultimate challenge…

Incorporate a Spas 12 dart soft lower…!!

Now, that’s just being mean…!! :rofl: :rofl:

Have been doing a little as my hands are playing up a bit, so went onto the outer shell for prep and paint :sunglasses:

I did look at my shotgun to see if it could be incorporated into the shell but the action is too long​:roll_eyes::sweat_smile:


I know… it would eat up battery space…
All to hard…
Hope your hands get better, soon…!!

A little bit of spaghetti sorting this morning to figure out what I can eliminate from the original mess and still have the adjustable counter display :sweat_smile:


So, I have narrowed it down to the one board, one switch for the mag insertion for the counter operation and just a jumper wire for the count down😅
So with the M4SS style rear piston switch, it will even count down🤣
I’m also thinking of keeping the activator in the grip so that the blaster is in ‘safety’ and the system is shut down unless your actually holding it​:thinking::sunglasses:


Those old M4SS rear switches were the bain of my existence!

It took a lot of aftermarket switches to have the metal tabs cut down and reshaped to get them to survive consistently. :roll_eyes:

But no different to anything else mechanical/electrical…… anything can be modified/customised/substituted to get the job done :+1:

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