M4a1 strathpine gone

Drove through Strathpine tonight and the m4a1 store is gone. I don’t recall seeing anything about them closing or moving, they just seem to have vanished.

No new stock and sales is their inevitable downfall.

Toowoomba m4a1 just disappeared this week. Our only local shop is a ceh now

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Same with 17 mile rocks store I didn’t see anything about them closing up and all of a sudden gone.

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They certainly don’t have many affordable blasters and haven’t had a new item for a long time. Word is that there won’t be anything new until around Christmas

I saw a for lease sign outside the one at Burleigh - hoping its actually for another property as its on a corner space facing the main road.

Many companies are now branching out into the U.S. market as the customer base in Australia is shrinking, whilst the U.S market is just taking off in popularity and has massive numbers of customers many times higher than Australia.

This makes great business sense for these suppliers to take advantage of this opportunity to keep their doors open here in Australia, being funded by customers in the USA.

X-Force have branched out, and M4A1 are getting in set up now as well.
God help the yanks if Corey gets involved with GBU as well! :flushed:

Don’t know if M4A1 are continuing to close stores here and go online only to the USA…. or if they are simply combining everything into a new warehouse style premises more suited to exporting their sales with a shopfront attached :thinking:

Time will tell I suppose!


Dang, Burleigh one is closed now as well - just as I feared.

Oh good heavens, they’re trying to charge AUD prices, but in USD.

A Wells metal for 450USD? :grimacing:


Went into town today, caloundra one is gone aswell now damn sucks because was looking at picking up a rifle and pistol there soon.

Hard to blame them though is it. When was the last time we saw a massive rush of new products that matched 12-18 months ago? Seems to have gone a bit stale at the mo

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Ya only so much average joe can blow $$ on new blasters being rehashed same old what they already have.

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Yeah definitely, I know I have whittled down my collection stacks over the last year or so as at this stage it’s just more of the same

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Yep, everything is just more of the same. Countless variations of 1911s, Glocks, Beretta/Taurus, Sigs for pistols.

The revolvers (other than the Umarex/Gunheaven SAA and Wingun/Wells Webley) aren’t that dimensionally correct either. …

And countless variations of M4/M16, AKs in the rifle department etc.


Not to mention the same issues which have plagued the industry for years - if I spend $600 on a nice blaster, how do I know the thing is gonna work reliably. And then when it dies, can I get parts etc.

Love the game, love everything about it but after 2-3 years of having ones die, having to pull them apart etc I think I’m at the point where if my current ones die, that’s me out

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Yeah it seems the novelty has worn off for alot of people

Maybe if the us market takes off we may see more types and better reliablity.

Maybe the big brands will start making the gelball equivalent to their airsoft models

I think that the biggest impact on the industry was the banning of Gel Blasters throughout other States in the country, effectively shutting off the demand from thousands of customers purchasing from the suppliers.

There’s only so many sales a business can make to such a small amount of customers in one State, many of which already own the products they are selling.

With QLD holding out as the last shrinking market in Australia, I can certainly imagine that it’s no longer the “200 million dollar” economy that it was once claimed to be for that State Government.

From this, I can see the interest in businesses shifting focus to the burgeoning US market as a new source of trade……. but how long before the Australian Government steps in and bans the export of these products from our suppliers here?

Certainly some interesting times ahead, and I think we will continue to see more store closures until there’s a drastic change in the laws/industry.

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How long before the yanks realise the are being screwed by importing from Aussie retailers and can get bulk of the same blasters at a fraction of the cost from elsewhere??:thinking:

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When that happens, the Aussie retailers will have a lot easier, broader options when it comes to importing, and that may translate to new options for us, so…

Hopefully some time soon?

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Any hope for a WE Tech Luger Jazzy? :wink:

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