MG42 coming soon this year in gel blaster replica


decisions decisions…

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Does anyone have 3 left testicles spare?

Because I’m sure that something of this build is going to cost a motsa! :thinking:

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Weren’t there videos of a gel blaster MG42 going around a couple years ago? I feel like I’ve heard about this a while ago.

Yes there certainly was, along with a couple of other high quality WW2 replica Gelblasters.

I’ll have to check my YouTube history and see if I can find those old videos :thinking::+1:

Yes please…


Do they make a ‘Aliens smart gun’ conversion kit…??

I thought it was about the time the STG and MP40 were announced, but I could be wrong.


They’ve been out, for a long time…

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Yeah the Airsoft version has been around for a couple of years, but it sounds like this is the first release of a Gel converted model in the market? :thinking:

Usual thing with conversions, exists in Airsoft for years before any attempt is made to swap a barrel an add mag terminals.

If we had even half the models they have in Airsoft that’d be a huge improvement to diversity.

Price for MG-42 expected to be around $1400-1500.
Expecting roughly mid year.
:smiley: :smiley:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand never mind

it was always gonna be around M-60-ísh pricing…

The US a/soft version, is $699 US…