Milsig Products - M79 Nerf Dart Blaster etc

Topic for all Milsig product, maintenance and support discussions.

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Putting this here as it will probably need its own support thread being sold at TEH.



Really need Brad to join :sweat_smile: he would probably have the most experience and has his own M79 too.

From what I’ve read, the CO2 setup is fairly pointless and I believe it isn’t big enough to allow for full auto use at all.

– 16g CO2 bulb on full power: ~40
– 13ci HPA bottle on full power: ~150 shots
– 48ci HPA bottle on full power: ~600 shorts

  • Remote line HPA limit is size of tank, best for full auto use.

I would probably not run it at full fps, you’d have to play with dial a bit to find best compromise of power & accuracy, depends too if where you play has fps limits etc.
I would probably run it at 250-300fps, not sure.

4500psi Carbon tanks will have more shots than 3000psi tanks.

I can link to the Milsig Facebook groups & post the maintenance videos etc.

Facebook Groups

MILSIG M79 Foam Dart Blaster Group

MILSIG Owners Group (All products)


A) Read This Before Firing Your M79

B) M79 User Manual 1

C) User Manual 2 (Paintball variant but includes some extra info for M79)

D) M79 Video Guides - Operation/Maintenance/How To’s etc - YouTube

E) M79 User Manual 3 & CO2 Stock Note

F) Milsig M79 Maintenance Guide - YouTube

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Just messaged him asking him if he wanted to take a look, might see him soon :eyes:

The Milsig M79 is my favourite foam dart blaster. Accuracy and range surpasses any gel ball blaster, and it’s semi/full auto, unlike Nerf springers.

You do need to keep in mind that it’s illegal in Western Australia though due to the propulsion method. And without a toy looking body kit, illegal in Victoria too.


Some body kit ideas




I checked out your second review and gameplay videos, what extra has to be done to a stock milsig to achieve that kind of performance?

I’m only just delving into the nerf subject, probably won’t be able to sit down and research properly until the weekend. The little I’ve read so far indicates the existence of scar/bcar suppressors that act as rifling? Is that (or something equivalent) something that comes with the milsig? The tac edge listing wasn’t exactly detailed

The stock barrel comes with holes pre-drilled where you can add string rifling yourself. Generally fishing line is used.

My one has an upgraded barrel and rifling that Tac Edge haven’t imported, at least not yet.


Honestly i would only consider running the milsig with hpa only as carting around a lot of co2 bulbs around is noisy and extra weight

Someone needs to come up with a C02 LBV :+1:

co2 lbv? eh what???

Load bearing vest. Never mind :+1:

Old @BradleyPhillips still doing great work :sunglasses:
Will get him to join so can share his vast knowledge :+1:

He has already joined @DocBob :grin:
Scroll up :+1:

@Captainkrug be sure to let us know how yours performs etc.
I see Tac Edge have listed the longer rifle variant.
Not sure if the barrel is any longer though?


I haven’t strung the supplied barrel yet, but the couple of darts i shot at a curtain definitely wouldn’t have tickled.

I’m going to order a 300mm hybrid barrel from frontline, and grab a bcar from somewhere. I don’t think the stock performance is going to be too amazing

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By all accounts the stock barrel even when strung is not the greatest, I completely skipped it myself and went with a custom one.

TacEdge appear to be working with Spectre on producing a CNC SCAR barrel though.


Whered you get the barrel in ur 2nd vid again if i might ask? if its more accurate than the base me want

That is called the AF Pro Barrel. I think Frontline Foam sell it.

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and you recommend it over the base barrel?

Ok guys, looking at getting a M79 from tac edge.

I know the stock barrel isnt great, and the barrels are interchangeable, but what about different size foregrips being available…? (from elsewhere)

Ie they want $699 for the short barrel / short foregrip version , and $720 for the longer. If you get the short for $699, and get a longer custom barrel, can you get a longer fore grip as well…?? A long barrel /short foregrip would look dicky…

That way, you can have both a short / long combo, depending on what you wanna do…

Also …

  1. where is the best place to get the better barrels.?
  2. 13CI tank setup… is there a cheaper setup than tac edges.? any other regulators required.? Can they all be filled by the high pressure foot floor pumps ( for PCP air rifles) ?
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