MK Tactical vector CNC gearbox

Looking forward to see it in action.

It… Has… fed gels!!

Got all together, and just quickly put a couple gels through to test and it shot. Bit early to test any further so keen to get home and try it this afternoon!

There is very little to be able to tell what it has under the hood, apart from the 6 screws in the lower receiver are now stainless, and if the dust cover is open you can see that CNC beauty.

Also if you look up the mag well it’s pretty obvious.
All went together really well, or at least as well as a vector does, felt the same really.

The weight feels awesome, not overly heafty but definitely heavier than our other vector which is almost identical externals and metal gears etc
One thing well worth noting, it feels really solid. No creaking and flexing at all. Awesome.

Hopefully it tests well this afternoon!


It’s alive and works!

Results are on m110 short 4 teeth.

Drum doesn’t quite keep up on full auto, best it can register is 25rps, but it is skipping the odd gel so is a little quicker. I’ll sort that out next.

Currently just over the moon it works and works well… sort the double drum out and then let the poor thing run through the ringer at a game.


RPM Tech

Ooo more juicy bunfighting between WAT and RPM :joy:

Will it ever end? :flushed::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Props to Rowan for dismissing it as trash talk. One side of the industry/hobby I can’t participate in is infighting. We are a niche sport/hobby and should work together… anyway.

I have opened mine up again, removed the little sector gear anti reverse as it was stiff, and rubbing gears a bit. Does stuff all anyway if the normal anti reverse works. Also changed the tappet plate, might have cut it a bit short.
Now sitting at 27-28rps with a 5-6 round burst. After that the mag doesn’t keep up. On the hunt for high speed mag motors again! The double drum has a step down gear much like gen9 style mags do, so not really surprised it is struggling once it is in full swing.
For now, I have semi, 3 round burst, and auto is a 6 round burst as the drum seems to keep up with that, likely as the mag spins for a bit after and “pressurises” the feed tube. Pure speculation.

I for one, am VERY keen to see what Rowan does with one. He is the original lord of vector. 30k infinity motor with dsg(9:1) will be a fair bit quicker than my 30k Chi Hai ndfeb motor with 13:1 gears.

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Righto, been a while, been sick and busy but have an update on my feeding issues.
Tried some hi speed mag motors in the drum, 4 different types. The three faster ones required a little shaving to fit. which means to go back to normal, or normal “hi speed” motors (not the red, blue, gold ones) the motor now needs some extra girth/shimming to sit properly. Annoying, as the original vector which “only” does 24 rps, worked fine with the normal high speed motors.

Ordered another double drum, one for each it will be.

Still having issues, but I reckon I have tracked it to… seems to be the T238 trigger unit not supplying enough power to run the higher speed motors. When the coloured motors are in, depending on the speed motor, will either barely run them, or not at all. I then put in a normal stick mag and it ran “fine”. Tested it on 11v in the blaster, then manually tested it straight to a 11v battery. Night and day difference! Actually on 11v in the blaster, it sounds like a 7v wired straight to the mag!

So this weekend on “why won’t this c%*^ work?”… I will be wiring the mag terminals straight from the motor and battery wires, installing an old fashioned diode with charging handle switch for manual mag prime.

Yes, I will lose auto mag prime, but as long as it works similar to the original setup I will still be happy. The hold up is that Jaycar is closed by the time I get there after work most days. One day in the week left to chance traffic and finish on time, or I will just go in on Saturday.
Even more frustrating, I know a have some 10amp schotky diodes somewhere… can’t find them in all my parts boxes, tubs, and cupboards!

So hopefully, this weekend I will have my almost 30rps vector running as intended!